Social media networking portals have become hugely valuable and most popular marketing tool for businesses all around the world. Such popularity has turned out to be a haven for the spammers too. Below are some vital tips that can help you make the most of your social media existence as well as keeping the spam away from you.

Social Media: How To Deal With Spammers

Search For Your Brand

As you have registered an account on Facebook for your brand or company, you need to do some vital search here and include the most popular misspellings. The probability is that your search would be exceedingly useful. Such services are full of spammers, and most of them pretend to be authentic brands and businesses. In case you find another account that claims to be your brand, you should report it immediately. Most of these accounts are either Phishing scams or spam nets. Facebook offers tools that are useful in reporting such profiles. However, Twitter happens to be quite responsive and takes immediate action for such abusive accounts.

Think Twice Before You Opt For Any Apps

If you have decided to have your own Facebook application, always remember to design it wisely. If it does not require access to user’s friends list or other related activities, then do not allow it to do so and consider really hard about posting every single activity within the app to the user’s wall. App spams are never appreciated by anyone, so you have to ensure that you keep it to the least.

Come up with Quality Content

Although it is okay to post deals for your fans, but you have to ensure you do not find yourself nothing else but always marketing your business. This is going to be more of a turn off for your fans, but is quite an encouragement to the spammers, as they would prefer joining your page.

Follow Others With Care

When you are following people, they can also see and follow you back. In case you start following spammers, you perhaps will end up with spam messages, posts on your page. So, you have to be extremely careful here. It is not essential to automatically follow each and every person that follows you on Facebook or Twitter. But, while you are following, ensure the profiles are legitimate and are of actual users.

Do Not Be Scared To Moderate

In case you find that a spammer has joined your page, you must delete all the spammy posts and ban them. You need to do the same if you find that the spammer ends up in your discussions, and ensure your page provides you with alerts when your fan posts on your wall so you will be able to consider all such issues immediately.


  1. Yes, the above mentioned points are true indeed. And also, one more thing – we should never be afraid to report spammers to the staff.

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