Have you ever felt difficulty while watching online streaming videos on YouTube?Well, I am regular user of YouTube and watching some funny videos daily on YouTube.I have seen it appears advertisement for sometimes on some video that we can not stop,it says you can skip this ads after 0.04 or 0.05 bla bla bla.Till the time we are unable to do anything on the current showing forced advertisement from YouTube.While searching for the solution,I found a Chrome Extension that allow user to skip those forced video ads from currently playing video.

Prevent Forced video advertisement from YouTube

After installing the Skip ads on YouTube – No illegal block Chrome extension,you will be able to skip those forced ads from YouTube easily.Whenever you see such forced advertisement on any YouTube video,just hit the blue colored button sitting beside the upload button as shown in image.

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If you are in budget,you can buy pro version of the extension at just for $4 and it will automatically skip any forced ads on YouTube.You will have not to click on blue colored icon each time you see those ads.

You can download YouTube – No illegal block Chrome extension @ Chrome Web Store[Update : This is no longer available]

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