In our everyday life the influence of a laptop computer is not ignorable. In every moments it is helping us making our work easier and efficient with a laptop. Either home or in the workplace it is very frequent to have a longer times with your laptop. And as a result of spending more time working on it ergonomically may force you in a bad posture. So when you need to work on a laptop for a long time follow the below guidelines to keep your body and mind sound. Here is the example of using laptop in a bad, good, better and in the best posture.

Using Proper Sitting Positions will keep you away from backpain and backache related problems, because sitting longer on work in improper position will lead you to backpain and such health related problems.

Bad Position Bad Sitting Position to use LaptopThis is the worst position of using a laptop as well as a very harmful posture which may cause your body sick. This is very bad when you are using a laptop leaning forward on it. Leaning forward for a long time working may be the cause of a big deal of discomfort.

It may be the cause of the neck pain, pain in the back and wrist a well as in the shoulders. This also may be the cause of long term musculoskeletal problem. If you have this bad habit of working from this position then give it up right now for the betterment of your help.

Good Position

Good Sitting Position for Using Laptop
Best Sitting Position for Back

The one way to reduce the discomfort to some extent of working on the laptop is to find some place where you can take the load of by having a nice recliner like in the image. This is very easy to have a very comfortable seating like that by which you can work on your laptop keeping it on your lap. Mostly content writers having lots of work to be done, they should be using this Optimal Sitting Position for long term without being affected for backpain related problems.

This will make your full body in complete recline. And you will be able to work with less discomfort of back pain as well as the shoulders. You can also say this one is Best Sitting Position for Lower Back Pain. So if you are suffering from lower backpain, this position will help you to be little comfort.

Better Position

Better Position to Use Laptop
Pictures of Proper Sitting Position

The height of your computer display is the other fact behind the cause of your discomfort. Most of the laptop have the built in keyboard on its body which cause you make yourself a little bit leaning on the laptop. Do something, take an external keyboard with built in mouse so that you can work with that keyboard as your comfort.By sitting like this, your back and spinal cord will be in relaxed position and this may be effective and Proper Sitting for Back Pain patients.

Overall Best Position

Proper Posture for Sitting at Desk
Proper Posture for Sitting at Desk

This is the best way of working on a laptop. For a long time work on a laptop you just need something like, an external keyboard, a mouse, a laptop cooler to prevent laptop from overheating(Optional), the support to install the keyboard and the mouse on the desk and at last an ergonomic chair. Combination of those components will allow you make use of your laptop for a long time with the highest physical comport and keeping your health sound ultimately.

Here we have listed few Proper Desk Sitting Position that will help you to use laptop for work without any health related issues. If you are using any other Proper Sitting Posture at Computer, feel free to suggest us by commenting in the comment section below.