We have recently disscussed about TTS online convert that can convert any text into MP3 format.Text to Speech is yet another tool to help you for that.

Online Text to Speech comverter

Text2Speech is simple and online tool help you to convert your written text in to MP3 format.You can manually choose the voice type of your MP3 file.If you like male voice you can convert your article into male voice or if you like female voice you can also choose that one from the option.You can choose volume scale from 1-10,where 1 is silent and 10 is the loudest voice.

Everything you need to do is just copy the article or text you wish to convert and paste it into enter text area.Click the button that says Convert Text To Speech and it will load for few seconds.After finishing converting into relevant voice,they give download link to your voice file.You can simply download that file on your computer and send it to your iPhone,iPod or media device and listen to it at your spare time.

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  • Male/Female voice is customizable.
  • 1-10 scale volume scale available at the time of converting text to voice.
  • Output file is in MP3 format.
  • Character capacity is maximum 5000.
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You can check Text2Speech @ www.text2speech.org


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