Do you know how to bcc in outlook? Want your Microsoft Outlook to always show bcc field while sending an email? Do check out this article about how to bcc in outlook.

What Does BCC Mean

In Microsoft Outlook Software, while composing any new email, you will see to and cc field at the top. If you want to add any bcc, you need to click onto or CC field to show BCC Field in Outlook. There you can enter BCC email to send an email. This is for only mail, but when you create a new mail, again you will have to repeat the process. Here in this article, you will find quick steps to Always Show BCC Field in Microsoft Outlook with few steps. (BCC Means Blind Carbon Copy).

CC Means carbon copy and BCC means blind carbon copy. The only difference between cc and bcc is that, a copy of an email that sent to any address that appears in this field. CC recipients will also include in email header, so it will be visible by all recipients. While bcc email recipient will not be able to see other recipients from the email header.

how to bcc in outlook
How to Add BCC to Outlook 2010

This is default new mail compose box, which you will find in all new emails. There is no BCC field, however, if you always want to write mail, you can follow this procedure to always Display BCC in Outlook 2010.

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How to show bcc in outlook by Default

Follow the steps below, to learn how to add bcc in outlook 2010.

  • Click on New Mail button or try open new email composer.
  • GO to Options menu from there.
how to bcc in outlook
bcc in outlook
  • Under Option menu, you will see BCC field, click on that button.
  • Now it will always Add BCC to Outlook Mail by default.

This process has been completed using Outlook 2010 and you can use this to View BCC Outlook 2010.About 2013 Outlook, this is also a similar method to Show BCC in Outlook 2013.

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