I bought an office in 2017 and one years after, I paid off my loan for that office as well as a purchased new office which is just beside my office within a year.

When I bought an office, it cost me around $24,000 to $25000 USD approx including mortgage charges, registration charges, advocate fees, insurance, and many more costs involved in it. I took a loan of $15000 USD & the rest of the amount was paid from my saving.

I was struggling to make more money since I was doing a full-time job & side hustling to learn to make money online. During my blogging journey, I have found many ways to make money online & finally I left my job & became a full-time blogger. I will keep sharing the things I have learned during my blogging journey, if You have not subscribed to my blog yet, please subscribe it now to stay updated!

I like everything of my own instead of living or working in a rented space. I thought if I purchase the property, I will have to pay $300 a month as my loan installment but when my loan completely paid off, the property will be mine. If I go to a rented office, it will cost me around $200 a month, so instead of working in rented space, I thought of having my own office.

Now, this office is mine & I have purchased another office space which is just beside my own office. Now I lease that space to other people I know which are giving me around $200 a month as a rent that is passive income!

Should I Buy Home or Office?

Should I Buy Home Fo OfficeI am now thinking of buying a house of my own but it’s a liability, so I found a home which I liked most and decided to live in it on rent instead of wasting money on buying home.  Instead of that, I am planning to invest that money in Stock & mutual funds for the next three years.

I am also planning to buy more commercial properties from my blogging income & will be leasing it to other business to make more passive income. The income generated from that will be ultimately going to the loan installments but when the loan is completely paid off, I will have money in future.

If I purchase a new house today, my all money will be drained for buying my dream house which will be a liability. So currently planning to buy a commercial space instead of residential space.

My Advice

I am not any financial planner or advisor but my personal opinion is to buy commercial properties & lease it to the businesses to make more money.

According to me, here are the things we can do with our money

  • Save it
  • Waste it
  • Invest it
  • Donate it

Don’t waste your money in useless things, instead of that, invest your money to make more!

Tips to buy a good undervalued commercial property

Real estate investment is a good option, but here are some basic tips that I am using to for my real estate investment.

Buy a foreclosed or a short sale office

Go to the bank and ask them to provide you a list of foreclosed or short sale office space that the owner can’t pay installment and want the property to sell. You can find some undervalued property at the lowest rate.


Should I Buy Home Fo OfficeWhen you are buying any real estate, make sure the location is good. Good means, it should be visible from the road or should have all necessary stores, schools, banks, and organization available that is needed for day to day usage.

Don’t just buy undervalued property that is available for cheap but at the location where nobody is there or you have to go far to have something you need.

Rent in Market

Make sure you check out the current rent the renter is paying to the owner. You can also ask in nearby locations to find out the exact market rate the renters are paying. So that you will come to know that how much rent you can expect as a passive income or will directly go your loan installments.

Here is the strategy I used to find a good real estate to invest on. Do share your thoughts what thing you look in a property before you buy it.

Real Estate Wholesalers websites

There are so many real estate wholesale companies & websites that help you to find out the best deals for real estate in your area.

Sometimes you get a discount or cheap priced deals on your investment. You can also hire real estate agents to find property deals for you.

Real Estate Agents

If you are not techy or don’t like to research for properties online, get in touch with some real estate agents. They know the area, value of property more than you.

Since they are in this field and it’s their profession, they will help you to find your dream house or office within your budget. All you need to do is just provide them your budget, requirement and they will help you with the best real estate deals in your area.

They ask for some charges as a commission if the deal gets finalized. It’s okay to pay them for the undervalued deal, that you will not know without their reference.

When I bought my first office, I paid 1% to my agent to help me finalizing my deal & he guided me from all legal formalities, negotiating deals to handing over my office to me. I know if I go directly to the builder to purchase that office, they will charge me more or I will get my office key late even after the successful payment. Currently, builders in our area ask for money first and you will get the keys for your space after a few months. So for me, it was the best option was to hire real estate agents to help me finalizing the deal.

Another reason to hire real estate agent is to save your time. They will show you the only property that you have asked for your criteria. Believe me, brokerage you are paying vs time you are saving, it’s not a bad deal. You will not only get your deal closed but build a relationship with those agents to help you with your future investment.

Here in this article, I have listed some best way to find out the best investment deal for your real estate. Do share your views in the comments, how do you find the best real estate deals for your self?