If you have created an email account with your Bluehost account or other hosting account and now want to forward all incoming mails to any specific email address, you can directly configure it from your hosting account. Here we would go to discuss how to set up email forwarding from Bluehost Email Account. You may probably have created an email with your hosting with [email protected] or if you have service website, your mail may be [email protected] . Now if you are not regularly managing those custom email, you should add email forwarder to those mail which you are using regularly. So you can also receive any incoming mail to that address directly with a pre-defined email address.

Here is the procedure on how to forward incoming Emails from Bluehost Email Account to pre-defined email address. You can do it from Bluehost Email Settings and steps for the same has been provided below.

  • Login to your Bluehost Control Panel
  • Click Forwarders located in the Mail section

Email Forwarder from Bluehost Email Account

  • Under the Email Account Forwarders section, Click Add Forwarder

Email Account Forwarders Configuration on Bluehost

  • Type in the Address to Forward

Add New Forwarder in Bluehost Email Account

  • Forward to email address
  • Click Add Forwarder

After finishing these steps successfully, you should get confirmation from your bluehost account as shown in the image here.

Bluehost Email Account Forwarder

Your email will now also be sent to your pre-defined email address from your Bluehost Email Account.If you don’t have Bluehost account, You can signup for one from here.

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