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Setup Custom Username for Facebook Fanpage

Setup Custom Username for Facebook Fanpage

Recently I have changed username for my Facebook fan page.Previously they were saying that you need to have atleast 25 users in order to activate Facebook fan page username but I have activated the Facebook fan page Username when I had only 2 user that were me and my friend just liked my page and I activated the username.

25 fans is needed to have customized Facebook fanpage UsernameThe notice will be appeared whenever you are going to make custom username for your Facebook fan page but this notice will not be working for all Facebook accounts as I made customized Facebook fanpage username with only two users so try it for yours.You will see the setting for changing the username for Facebook Fanpage from the edit setting of your page.

Previously I was using my Facebook fanpage on http://www.facebook.com/pages/E-Howportal/147320078678824 the link.Which is quite long & awkward to remember such long URL.But once you have created custom username for your page you will get vanity URL for your page and you will not have to remember such a long URL,instead you need to just remember your username only.I have changed my Facebook fanpage URL and all older link will be redirected to newer one.Creating Facebook Fanpage Username setting
You can create new username for your Facebook fan page if you have more than 25 fans who liked your page or if you are lucky enough you will get your username even with less than 25 Facebook fans.If you are lucky enough you will see the notice in your page setting & it will suggest you to create a unique username for your Facebook fan page.If you wish to create one, select the link which is shown by arrow in your Facebook account.

How to Get A Custom Page URL with less than 25 fansYou will get notice once you have entered the username to choose for your page and it will say username will not be changed once it has been set.So be careful while choosing a username for your page and click on confirm once you are comfortable with the username.

changed facebook fanpage usernameOnce you have done, you will get the success notification that you have successfully changed your Facebook fanpage username.Look at my changed Facebook fanpage URL that is easy to remember. https://www.facebook.com/Ehowportal

If you have any problem during changing your fanpage username just comment below.I will help you to solve your problem in this regard & share if you had got Facebook username with less than 25 fans.You can get video tutorial on How to Set Username for Your Facebook fan Pages from below:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v2pB4LAeeE8]