So many users or website owners have one main problem that they can not search their own website with their default search engine setup for adsense for search.Now the question is that how one can search their own blog without using the adsense for search option so their adsense account will not be banned due to adsense TOS violation.

Well, you can use Google blog search trick to search your own blog without using adsense for search and the advantage of this trick is that its working fine with almost all search major search engines including Bing, Yahoo and Ask and so on.

Now the another question is that Mozilla Firefox has added the search engine by default and you can manage your search engine from the top most corner of browser same in case of opera and Internet Explorer browser which has search bar included and users can easily assess the most of search engine easily from the top most navigation bar at the top of browser but that is something different in case of Google chrome.

There is an option in Google chrome for changing default Google search engine if you are getting rid of opening Google search homepage directly whenever opening chrome browser but almost you not because the reason behind setting up search engine at the default homepage is that you can search for anything directly without guessing any website name, so it is advantage but if you like other search engine rather than Google search you can manually setup the Custom search engine for your chrome browser.

Restore Google Search Engine Chrome
Change Search Engine Chrome

The changing default search option is available and you can manage the search engine in Google chrome from the setting tab shown in just top of browser besides the URL bar in Chrome.In the setting tab you have to select the Option tab.(Chrome>Setting>Option>Basics). You can easily Add Search Engine in Chrome.

Now the question is that how to setup custom search engine in Google chrome if you don’t know more about setting of chrome.So there you will see the two tabs says default search option and other search options.Now the default search engines are provided by Google chrome itself that are Bing, Yahoo!  and Google.Now if you wish to set your website search from there, you have to just type the keyword in URL bar of Chrome and chrome will shows Search results from your blog without using adsense for search option.

Now In other search options you will see the new empty boxes there you will have to add new websites.From there you can set up new search engine or set your website for search.

Make Google Chrome Search Engine
Make Google Chrome Search Engine

In place of add a new search engine, write the name of website you wish to add, and keyword just type the URL of website that will shows the search engine name.In the other box saying URL with%s in place of query there you will have to add your website search query.If you don’t know how search query works, than just type ”” without quote.I have added “” query to my Chrome Web Browser that works for me.

Another query you can use for your websites can be “” & “”.

Setup new website for Search in Google Chrome Setup Custom Search Engine in Chrome
Now on there in search option make default whenever you will hover mouse over the search engine.Jut click on make default and your customized search engine will be setup you made. If your browser has set to other search engine when you installed new software from internet, you can also Reset Chrome Search Engine Settings using this technique.


Now from that whenever you type the keyword to search in browser it will shows search result from your website you told Chrome to search from search option.The main advantage will be for website owners and webmasters that they will not have to use Google adsense for search provided on their website and so it will be the initial step that will prevent your banning adsense account.