The Google Chrome Parental Control feature available for all Chrome Web Browser users that allow you to control search settings for your child. This helpful feature allows you to filter out all unwanted harmful & sensitive content on your computer’s Google Chrome browser. The Google is the most popular search engine and is the biggest source to search and learn. When you type anything on the search bar of Google, it shows you every information to related your search query from around the world and some information may be safe not for your children.

But how can you filter out all harmful content for on your Google Web Browser? Don’t worry; you can prevent Google from showing harmful contents on your Chrome browser, only you need to activate or set a SafeSearch Filter on your Chrome browser.

In this article, we have mentioned below about the parental control to make your Google Chrome Browser more Safe for your children. let’s know how to activate Safe search Filter on your Google Chrome Browser?

Step 1: First of all, Open Google Chrome Browser on your Computer system

Google Chrome Browser on your Computer system

Step 2:  Now visit the Search Setting Page (copy and paste this URL into your chrome search bar)

Step 3: Now You are on Search Setting page, Check on “Turn On SafeSearch” option then click on the “Lock SafeSearch” link

google safesearch link

Step 4: This link will take you to a new tab; here you have to log in with your Google account.

Step 5: After login, you have to click on “Lock SafeSearch” button to activate safe search feature on your Google Chrome browser. Wait, it will take a few seconds to complete the process.

You’ve done it.

How to check or test SafeSearch is enabled or not?

How to check or test SafeSearch is enabledYou have to search anything with the same Google Chrome Browser on the internet to check SafeSearch filter working or not.

If the SafeSearch Locked on your browser, so you can see colored balls image on the top of search page.

Check more details about this using video guide from below.

We hope this tutorial about how to set parental controls on google chrome has helped you. If you need any troubleshooting help with this regard, feel free to comment your views in the comments section.