Most of the website owner perform on page SEO & off page SEO their self. Sometimes big companies who manage a lot of employees in their team, hire SEO agencies to take care of this thing.

If you have just started your website and looking for basic search engine optimization of your blog, you should take some basic steps to implement on-page SEO like Interlinking content, header tags like H1, H2, H3 etc, meta descriptions, Image alt tags, Social presence, mobile viewability and many more factors like this. If you want a quick SEO checklist for your blog for FREE, this post is for you. In this post, we will discuss FREE SEO auditing tool that gives you suggestion to improve the SEO score of your website for FREE.

Auditing Site using SEOPTIMERSeoptimer - Website Review and free SEO audit tool To generate SEO analysis report for your website, open Seoptimer website and you will see URL box. Now enter your website address there and click on analyse button. You will see “Your SEO report is generating now! please wait a minute” message. Once your SEO analysis report is generated, you will see the detailed view at the bottom of the page. SEO suggestion tool

You will see a Website Seo Audit for domain with improvement messages if any. Optimize your website from those messages. The site also gives you a free PDF report for your website. I think the article, How to Perform the World’s Greatest SEO Audit will help you to analyze your site more effectively.

HTML Header

HTML header plays a great role in SEO, so that suggested changes would be necessary. HTML header report will show you page title tag, meta description tag, meta keywords, meta robots & encoding for your site.

Body Content

This section of SEO analyzer tool will show you report for Words and Chars, text vs HTML ratio, headers, bold keywords, images SEO and iframe if any.

You will also see a report about your header tag, Keyword Consistency, Amount of Content & Image Alt Attributes suggestion for your website.

Internal and External Links

This section will cover up external links, internal links with follow or nofollow attributes. This SEO checker tool helps you to find internal as well as external links on your website.

It shows On-Page Link Structure & broken links on homepage only. So if you have any broken link on the homepage, you will be able to see them. But if you have any broken links to any specific page, you will need to use 7 Days FREE SEMRush’s broken link checker tool to check broken links on your website & fix them. Along with broken link checking feature, it also lets you find top ranking keywords for any website you want.

Additional Files: This section will include robots.txt file and sitemap file.

Social Media Signals: This section will show you facebook likes, Facebook shares and Google+ for your sites. HTTP Headers, Domain, and Server is extra information about your domain, server and etc.


Here you will be able to see device rendering option which suggests you how your website reacts when visited using smartphone or tablets.

Performance Results

This feature shows you a performance report for server response, script loading time, total page size etc. If your page has any Javascript error, GZIP Compression, Optimize Images suggestion, you will see a detailed report there.

Social Results

Here you will see your website’s social media activities like Facebook, Twitter, Gogle+, Linkedin, Instagram etc.

Security Results

Here you will be able to check your website’s security. If it has any page level issues like SSL certificate, HTTPS redirects, Malware check, email privacy or any such problems, they will show you in a report there.


They will suggest you the problem your website has and show you recommended action to take to fix SEO performance of your website.

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You can take quick and simple SEO audit tool of any web page from here


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