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Send/receive upto 1GB files using Pando

transfer heavy files via email or IM
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  1. Daniel Sky says:

    Article is misleading. Files dont actually get sent via email. Only a link gets sent and users have to use another app to actually send/receive.

    Btw, Binfer is a great option to send large files directly from person to person, without uploading to a server. You can send hundreds of files of any size with a simple drag and drop. Binfer will manage the transfers with auto resumes, encryption, notifications etc. Check it out:

    1. Let me correct you.
      User has to upload their files on pando and add the email address of recipient there.Then recipient can download the same file with the same application from his/her computer.
      The main condition is that both sender and recipient must have pando application to exchange larger files via email.

  2. Daniel Sky says:

    The title of this article says “Send/receive upto 1GB files using your email”. It should instead have said “Send/receive upto 1GB files using Pando”. When you say using your email then one is led to believe that one is opening an email client like yahoo or Outlook and sending 1 GB files as attachment. See the difference?

    >>must have pando application to exchange larger files via email.
    Pando uses torrent protocol/upload/download methods to send and receive files. Emails are just used to notify users that someone has shared files(with the torrent file as an attachment). The actual files are NOT exchanged “via email”, as you have written it.

    Main differences between Binfer and Pando: 1. Pando uploads files on their servers whereas Binfer does true person to person file transfers without uploading them. 2. Pando is less secure since anyone with the torrent file can download your file.

    If this is a paid article then of course you can write what you like, but if you truly wish to inform your blog readers then perhaps a little due diligence and fact checking are in order. Just my 2 cents 🙂