Recently we have talked about top 10 websites to send free SMS in India.There are lots of similar website that allows you to send free international SMS to your friends and family members living outside your country.We are using mobile cell phones to staying in touch with our friends and sending SMS might be beneficail to the mobile company you are using in terms of money but not for you.If costs money to send SMS and mostly mobile operators are costing more than 5 Rs per International text Message, so here is the solution to save your money & staying in touch with your abroad friends.



Send free SMS worldwide with Gizmosms

SendSmsNow provides free web-based text messaging service that allows you to send FREE mobile SMS messages to all countries worldwide.User can also send free International SMS with internet enabled headset.You need to create new account before you are going to send your message.The website also allows scheduled SMS features so that you can create birthday alert text message containing birthday wishes to your friends so you need not to remember the day.The website will automatically sends him/her birthday wishes.


Jaxtr allows user global calling, SMS, and social networking.If you are using Jaxtr mobile apps, than it allows you to send free international SMS to any other phone.You need to have data plan to use the jaxtr mobile application because it needs data connection to send SMS.


Send free text SMS worldwide with Wadja

Wadja allows their user to send 80 character long text message to any number worldwide to more than 200 countries worldwide.You can also send SMS over mobile application if you have activated data plan in with your mobile operator.You can also login to Wadja with your Google,Facebook or Twitter account.


Text4free allows user to send international free SMS to any mobile.The only drawback of using website is that you must know the mobile operator of recipient.If you don’t know than the recipient’s may be charged.


Junglesms allows you to send free text messages globally.By using Junglesms,you can send your thought in text to more than 178 countries to your loved one.You can also use Junglesms mobile application to send free global SMS via mobile cell phone.The website sends the short advertisements with the each SMS sent from them.


Smslane is similar web service that provides you around 160 character bulk SMS worldwide.The trial service is free however you need to buy credit to send more SMS.

The websites mentioned here will helpful for you to send free SMS throughout the world.If you know any more website rather than mentioned here or you are using it,please share your experience with us by commenting in the comment section below.


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