I have lots of new android apps installed on my android cell phone.One day one of my friend came to my home and saw my device.He asked me to send those installed android apps into his android device.I told him to download the apps from android market, but he was saying that he has not activated data plan and he wants those apps.

Now there are possibly two way, by which he can have the android apps on his device.Either I have wireless router so that he can connect with it and download the apps into his mobile or I should have alternative option to send apps via Bluetooth.

I had searched alternate option although I have wireless router.I got one file manager for android by which you can manage your android files effectively.

Transfer Android Apps Between Phones Over Bluetooth

It has mainly four menu at the top.The very first menu is local, which is general file manager.You can manage your files from that menu.The second option is apps by where you can share, backup, uninstall your installed apps easily.You can share any installed apps directly to your friends via emails, Bluetooth easily.

Third menu is for category, where you will get your files category wise.Advanced option will take you upload manager, download manager, FTP manger as well.You can easily find category wise files like according to image, audio, video, documents, receiving Bluetooth files, or other types of files to find.

Aico File Manager Features :

  • It Support batch share, upload, backup, copy, move, delete, compress etc.
  • Efficiently manage the phone application, including one key backup software, uninstall, share etc.
  • Free, No ads and easy to use android app.
  • Recommended Android File manager from Ehowportal.

You can download Aico File Manager @ Google Play


  1. wow this really great tip..some days ago i searched whole net for this post..u rock here i understand we can’t send application by Bluetooth but today it has been wrong…

  2. Well, I guess sending apps via Bluetooth is a simpler and better option. Thanks for this detailed article !

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