Sending SMS to friends with online services has never been easy before.But as technology grows there are several websites available that allow user to send free national SMS to their friends and also there are lots of websites allows sending free International SMS from the web.Send Free SMS

Sometimes we need to SMS to our relatives & friends instead of calling them because by sending SMS we are letting them know we are missing them.Sending SMS to relatives & friends are costly from Mobile operators & there are still lots of people using their mobile operator to send SMS.

I don’t think why people are referring to the mobile operator while there are lots of online services providing it at totally free of cost.

Best Websites to Send FREE Online SMS


This is one of the favorite websites of mine and I am always using the website to send SMS to all my friends.You need to register your mobile number at the website while at the time of signing up & then verify your mobile number by confirmation code they sent to your mobile.You have done.Type your friends mobile number, and type whatever you want to send.

It delivers your SMS in the fastest way & you can also save the contact to the website or create groups like family, friends to send SMS separately.You can also create your mail id there [email protected] or add your mail account there.The website adds -via at last of each SMS.


Fullonsms website is another similar website to waytosms. Fullonsms allows you to Send Unlimited FREE SMS to your friends anywhere in India. There are lots of readymade SMS template to send to your friends so you don’t need to type SMS.Just choose SMS from the category and hit the send button.


The 160by2 allows you to send SMS to Any Mobile Network India. It’s free And easy to send. Highly Reliable. The main drawback of the website is that it adds their adds to each of the SMS sent by you and sometimes your friends will be bored by receiving such SMS.


The website is very famous in India.Besides sending free SMS, the user can also earn money from the website.The website allows you to generate new Google Adsense account. If you have already one Adsense account, you can associate your Adsense account with the website and earn money from the content you are posting.The main feature of the website is you can send a scheduled message to your friends by scheduling it.


The website is also very popular in India. iSMS service allows user to associate their mobile number with the account to send SMS with their numbers and user can also make free calls from the website.

Google SmsChannel

The very few peoples in India knows about the free SMS service from Google.Google labs feature allows you to create a group to send SMS & user can also subscribe to your SMS channels if they like your SMS.

Some government website or university websites provide the free SMS service to their client & students by this feature.The advanced feature of the Google SMS channel is that your readers & SMS subscribers will get total ads free SMS.[Update : This is no longer available]

Youmint is another website to send free SMS to Indian users.You can send free SMS upto 80 characters long.


This is another free SMS sending website.Users can send SMS up to 260 characters long.

SMS7 website is also a similar website to send free SMS to your friends and family members.You can also send SMS in the group.Users are able to send SMS up to 440 characters long.[Update: This is no longer available]



SMSGupShup is the largest SMS provider website in India.It is another free service like Google SMS labs. The user can register their mobile number with the website to send free SMS to their relatives and friends, User can also create a group & send SMS to the group in bulk.

[Update: This is no longer available]

If you are using any other website than mentioned here in the list, you can share the website by commenting in the comment section below.


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