We have discussed about allowing peoples to upload their files directly into our dropbox folder, but its not only one trick.You can also upload & send your files directly into your dropbox by sending email to your dropbox.Wondering!!, Yes, you just have to send the  file to your dropbox account which you want to upload & it will automatically uploaded into your dropbox folder.

Email your files to your dropbox folder

MailDrop is an application that expands the scope of Dropbox to the inbox. MailDrop lets you email your files & folder directly to your  Dropbox account.Any emails that sent to you with the word “MailDrop” in the subject will automatically be uploaded to your Dropbox folder. Now files can be put on Dropbox from your mobile device or from any computer without having to login to Dropbox.

Maildrop runs in background periodically checking any new mails that you receive with MailDrop as a subject, when it finds it,it wil directly sent to your dropbox local folder of your computer.From there your the file will be uploaded into your dropbox account directly.

MailDrop Installation:

IMAP: While running in background, maildrop checks your incoming mails using Internet message access protocol (IMAP).So IMAP should be enabled for your account in order to run maildrop app successfully.

Dropbox Email Filter: This is recommended and essential step in order to move/copy the incoming mails subjected with Maildrop.You can add filter on any name like “Dropbox upload”, “Maildrop” etc depending upon your choice.So mail containing those word as subject would be directly transferred to your dropbox account.(Filtering Mails)

“Dropbox” label/folder: To upload any mails into your dropbox folder, you must create lable into your gmail account with dropbox.So any mail labelled with dropbox wil be moved to your dropbox folder directly.

After completing those easy steps, you will be able to send your files directly in your dropbox account without login in to your dropbox account.All you will need to do is just add the word in subject line that you have used in dropbox email filter step.If you are using any other service by which you are directly sending your mails to your dropbox folder, we would like to here from you.


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