We all know Google time to time update it’s search algorithm to fight with spammy website and show genuine websites in the SERP. This causes effect to genuine bloggers, even it affected to ehowportal.com and we lost around 70% of organic traffic due to Google algorithm updates. After panda update, I decided to recover ehowportal from panda algorithm and I managed to recover my blog effectively. We generally publish post and write articles based on user’s interest. but after such updates hit blog’s traffic and ranking, we have also start thinking to write article that search engine loves.

The main question, which was the factor that dropped ranking and traffic for my blog. I have tried to research it around the web and important thing I found was keyword research. I was not paying enough attention for keyword research. Till date I was using only Google’s Keyword Planner(Best Keyword Research Tool). I started using SEMrush SEO tool, this is really a wonderful SEO tool to analyse our competitor’s keyword for their blog. You can easily check which keyword drive traffic to their blog and which keyword is on first top ten result on SERP.

What is SEMrush – SEMrush Review

Before proceeding with SEMrush review, Let me tell you one thing that I am learning all things my self and write detailed information about my experience with it. I am more learner and all my SEO knowledge is gained by self experience.

SEMrush is FREE and Paid SEM tool that helps you to research competitors Keyword. Interesting thing is that, it will also shows you the traffic of any site is driven by which keyword. You can easily find the highest traffic driving keyword using SEMrush for any website. At the time of writing this article, SEMrush has 106 600 000+ keywords and 90 000 000+ domains in their database.

Get Keywords from Website - semrush
Get Keywords from Website – semrush

Serious internet marketers are paying attention to such tool because it would helps you to crush down your competition. You can easily find Your Competitors Keywords with position, your competitor’s blog is ranking for. I was also looking for an answer that how can I find high traffic driving keyword to my blog, and here was the answer to that question. This tool not only helped me to find the ranking keyword, but also open the doors to spy on my competitors and Find Competitors Keywords effectively.

Let me give you an example of how you can find the best ranking keyword for any blog using SEMrush SEO tool. It would give you more idea on Competitor Keyword Analysis & Spy on Competitors Keywords . Let me take an example of my own blog. You will need to enter the domain name and press enter to see the results. I am using SEMrush pro account to demonstrate this Competitor Keyword Research Tool.

Competitor Keywords - semrush review
Competitor Keywords

It would sows you top keywords, with SERP positions, approx CPC, URL, percentage of traffic and SERP source and last updated time for the same. It showing complete analysis data and exact ranking on SERP that specific keyword has.Let me explain each of the term one by one to get clear idea.

Keyword: This is the keyword for which my blog is getting traffic.
Position: This will show the position where exactly my blog comes on SERP when searched for that keyword. If it sows 12, it means if someone will search for that keyword, he will get your blog on the 12th number on SERP.
Volume: Volume is the number of exact match queries for that Keyword in the local search. In this example, it is Google US. This data is taken using Google’s Keyword Planner and I also verified the accuracy of the data.
CPC: CPC is the average cost per click.
URL: It will show you the URL of your blog to help you to directly go to that page for that keyword.
Traffic: It would shows you the share of traffic driven to the website with the given keyword for specified period.
Costs: it would shows you the estimated price of the keyword available on Google keyword planner for specified period.
Com. : Com is competitive density of advertisers using given terms for their ads. As low as number, as high the competition is.
Results: Results will shows you number of organic search results that will be displayed for the specified keyword.
Trend: The interest of searcher or visitors for the given keyword.
SERP Source: It will show you a snapshot of the Search Engine Results page where exactly your blog’s URL will be displayed. I personally like it because it shows exact results on SERP.
Late Update: it will display the date when the given keyword was last updated on their database.

How to Find Competitors Keywords
How to Find Competitors Keywords

Interesting thing for serious internet marketer is that you can easily export any report to excel, CSV or CSV semicolon file format. When you export it, it would downloaded with one click to your computer and you will get complete analysis reports for all keywords for specified URL.

Why Do You Need SEMrush SEO Tool :

I have observed that we bloggers work very hard to find, optimize blog for SEO as well as concentrate on content to drive targeted traffic. but what we missing is focusing on the trend and competitors. By analyzing status of your Google analytics or site status from WordPress jetpack from your WP dashboard, you will come to know that only few of your blogposts are getting more traffic as compared to other posts. Rest of blogposts would getting low traffic as compared to those articles.

That is because of your blog page is ranking for that keyword. All you have to do is write quality content based on those keywords and you can easily rank for that in your niche blogging. SEMrush works best and you will get complete analysis report for SEMrush PRO account. But if you are starter, you can use SEMrush FREE account and once it you accustomed to it and it gives you best results, you can easily upgrade this to pro account.

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