Nowadays everyone has an Internet connection. This is because Internet service providers have made every cheap internet data plan that everyone can afford. Also, in India, most internet service providers have started to offer a FREE router to their customers to get more leads and connections.

Make Money by selling WiFi Access

There are so many free ways to make money online. This one is the best way as nowadays, most smartphone owners need an internet connection. Do you know you can make money using your WiFi Hotspot at your home? Wondering how you can earn money from a WiFi hotspot? Here is how.

WiFi Sharing

This is almost the best thing that may cut your internet expenses & you can even have your internet connection for FREE just by doing this.

Note: When you buy an internet connection, make sure you purchase an unlimited data plan for when you sell your internet connection, you don’t know how much bandwidth will be used by your neighbors or someone who use your internet connection of yours.

Suppose you have an Internet connection and a computer at your home, you are using your Internet on your smartphones, laptop, or using the internet from any other device of your family members. But you have lots of unused data pending as you got an unlimited internet connection.

What you have to do is, ask your neighbor not to renew their internet connection plan or find someone nearby your location who has not an Internet connection but looking for buying a new data plan for their home.

Convenience them to use your WiFi for some money. Ask them to pay you instead of an Internet service provider. He will surely agree with you when you show the below calculation to him/her. You can even negotiate the price to make this deal successful.

Average Monthly Internet Cost – $30-40
Yearly Internet Expense – $30-40 x 12 = $360 – $480 / Year
Money payable to you – $180 – $240 / Year

You are asking for almost half of the money that he will be spending on the Internet plan at his home. People browse the Internet when they are at home and surf the Internet for watching movies, YouTube videos, or browse some websites. reports that the average American spends average of 3-4 hours a day or 24 hours a week. So this is the best way to make money from your WiFi connection, just by sharing your WiFi Password with them. Most of the time they spent at their office but when they are at the home they need internet connectivity to get social messages etc.

Once you both mutually agree using the same WiFi, create a Hotspot, and share your WiFi Password with him.

Disclaimer: You should check out the laws in your country before selling your WiFi access. Some country, it is against TOS of Internet bandwidth providers. You should consult with your ISP before taking it to the commercial level. 

Control your WiFi Bandwidth

Suppose you are using an Internet connection with 50mbps, create a guest WiFi hotspot, and share 20mbps speed with that WiFi hotspot. You can share WiFi speed based on what you both agreed. You can buy a router that supports guest access & you get a separate menu to control bandwidth plus guest access to your internet connection.

You can even block websites or set parental controls on your router. A device like Fingbox also helps you to find out how many devices are connected to your WiFi & kick out unwanted users connected to your WiFi hotspot.

Make More Money

Find more peoples to whom you can sell your WiFi access. If you have a 100MB/s internet connection plan, find 5 peoples who need only 20MBPS internet speed and set their internet bandwidth to 20MB/s & you got money. You get a free internet connection for you plus the extra money you get as a rental by selling your WiFi connection access.

If you are good at selling something or having good communication skills, you can easily able to convince more people to use your WiFi.

Take it to the Next Level

If you get success in this & you are an entrepreneur, you can be an Internet service provider and sell your own Internet connection plan & make your living from it.

There are no software or websites I have found that is reliable to sell your WiFi Access using a WiFi hotspot connection. You can even hire a software developer to develop customized WiFi hotspot software for your business and sell your WiFi hotspot access with tickets, coupons, or for money.


I hope you have enjoyed reading this article and making money with your WiFi connection & be a bandwidth provider yourself. If you really enjoyed it, please share it to support us.

[Updated: 16-01-2021]


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