Many of us are using Google blog search for searching their websites.Some of them are using Customized search option in Chrome to search their blog.If you are a reader of specific website and want to search anything that is OK to use their search engine to find anything on that particular website but what in case of the website having activated Adsense for Search and that is your website.

According to Google terms and condition,Adsense is not allowing to search your own website with your implemented Search engine that shows ads along with your search results on your blog.There are two possible ways to search your blog content without using Google adsense for search.

Approach 1 : If you are Google Chrome user,you can customize your search engine with your own that all you need to do is just type the specific keyword in chrome so that The keyword will be searched with your blog or website and it would not need to use adsense for search.

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Approach 2: If you are not chrome user you can do little magic trick with Google.Open Google homepage and there type”” without the quote andwith your website/blog name as shown in image here.

After that hit the enter button,so Google will shows the Search result for only that particular website.Now coming to the main part.suppose you wish to find any thing from your blog that was older enough and you did not have even bookmark of that link, still you wish to make  link juice with interlinking like labnol blog with your newer post to allow reader not forget your elder post. To interlink your content, you can use SEO Smart Links WordPress Plugin that automatically interlink relavent posts to each others.

Now if you want to search for specific post in your blog but don’t remember the tittle just use this simple Google Search Query.e.g: “ + “keyword”

Let me show an example for better understanding.Suppose I wish to search for the post I had posted about mashable website but did not remember the tittle which I had given to my blog post.Now I will search with Google by the “ Semrush”

Google Blog Search Tool

Woilaa!,I got the post which I had posted about SEMrush on my blog.Likewise you can search for any keywords on search engine using simple search query in Google.

The advantage of approach 2 is it can be easily useful for any internet browser users without using your site’s default search bar.

Similar to the keyword and website,you can replace your website name and keyword to search for specific keyword.You can even try this tricks on other search engine.It works on almost all search engines.