While the search engines are usually made with the purpose of helping people to look for pages, images and videos, in the case of text files, the situation is a little complicated. This is because the respective files are considered as compressed documents. Moreover, with the increasing need of internet users to find exactly what they need, and when they need, it is mandatory for the search engines to introduce a method for those searchers to look for information directly in the respective document. While in the case of .doc files, this is possible, especially since Windows Vista was introduced, in the case of .pdf files, it is really hard for a search engine to look directly into those files. Why? Because a .pdf file is more like an image than a document.

Why are the .pdf files so successful?
The .pdf files invented by Adobe have their advantages and disadvantages. On one hand, it is hard to copy from those files, to cut them and to arrange them. In other words, customization is annoying. On the other hand, the pages are more pleasant, they look better than the .txt or .doc files, looking exactly like a book. Moreover, the images, graphs, and charts introduced in those files look a lot better, and this is why some people prefer the .pdf files, especially when we are talking about presentations.

Is it possible to search .pdf books with search engines?

Yes, the majority of search engines allow you to look for .pdf files, but you won’t have the possibility to search inside those documents. It is simple. You just need to introduce the name of the book or of the document, with the .pdf extension. If the respective book exists on the internet, you will find it. It is just like looking for any other type of document, and the results are just as accurate as in the case of any other document. The problem appears when you want to look for some details in a certain document.You will see the PDF files on search engine results page as shown in image below.You will see [PDF] before the link and below URL, you will see file format is PDF/Adobe acrobat.

PDF files on Search Engine Result PageSpecial programs that will allow you to look on the internet directly in the respective files:

Those are only a few of the programs that you can use in this direction. The majority of those programs also allow you to look for texts and details inside other documents. For example, you can search scripts inside the .html files, but also inside the Mac Write files (.mw), or in Excel and Word files, but also inside other documents.

Google and other important search engines are aware about this hunger for information of the search engine users; therefore, they are now looking for new methods to improve the accuracy of those searches, and to allow people to search the respective details directly from the search box. It might take a while before a reliable engine of this kind would appear, but we are sure that we will be able to do so in a few months.


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