Its not easy for anyone to remember all of their favorite website URL. So each browsers has provided special facilities called bookmarking. You can bookmark any URL that is your favorite and it will be saved in your browser memory. You can easily access your bookmarked URL anytime from bookmark menu.

There are lots of website addicts using bookmark facilities more often then usual. Sometimes they might have bookmarked the same URL twice without knowing that it was already bookmarked. Bookmark Duplicate Cleaner for firefox is the great firefox extension to remove the duplicate bookmark from browser. This will helps you to automatically search & remove unwanted duplicate bookmark from your Firefox browser.

Find & Remove Duplicate Bookmarks With Ease In Firefox

Once you have installed it, you can fins it on your Firefox > Tools > Bookmark Duplicate Cleaner. You need nothing to clear bookmarked URL, it will automatically search and you can easily remove duplicate saved bookmarks URL from your Firefox browser.

Bookmark Duplicate Cleaner Features:

You can try this awesome Firefox extension @

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  1. This is awesome post. I was looking to do exactly the same thing and really, it met my expectations. I have too many duplicate bookmarks and I am going to follow your instructions to get rid of them today. Thanks for the share.

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