You are watching any movie on your VLC media player and some romantic scenes or fighting scenes comes on the screen. You like it and want to keep it on your computer. Or you want to set the screenshot as your desktop wallpaper. But don’t know how to Take Screenshot of Movies Scenes playing on VLC media player. Well you can use prtsc button from your keyboard to capture screenshot. Later you can paste it on MSpaint. That’s the old method. You can also use , that’s very good tool to capture screenshot of your desktop screen or capturing snapshot of any playing movies on any media player.

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VLC Media Player - VideoLAN - Take Snapshots in VLC Player
Take Snapshots in VLC Media Player

Most of the time you might have also tried to capture screenshot of your favorite movie scene or natural background from movie, by pausing movie. Using prtsc button of keyboard and then paste it on mspaint windows. But VLC media player has inbuilt feature to grab a screenshot of your favorite movie scene or videos that is streaming on your media player.

I like VLC media player because it pPlays everything: Files, Discs, Webcams, Devices and Streams.Its free to download, easy to play dual audio movies with it.If you don’t like to watching movies stored on your computer or USB drive, you can used to stream videos from YouTube on your VLC media player.

It has more advanced features like you can record screencasting video using VLC Media Player. If you don’t want to go for paid screencasting tools, you can easily use VLC as screen recording software.

How to Grab Screenshot of movie scenes using VLC inbuilt feature:

To take any screenshot from any playing movie, just use following steps.

  • Go to Video > Take Snapshot.
Cruse of Golden Flower 2006 Bluray Dual Audio Movie
Image Credit : Cruse of Golden Flower Movie

It will capture the snapshot of the movie that is currently playing on your screen.If you are on full screen mode and still want to use this feature, there is another option that will allow you to take screenshot easily.

Take Snapshots of Your Favorite Movie Scenes in VLC
Taking screenshot of fullscreen VLC Media player

While playing movies in full screenmode, just right click your mouse button and you will see menus. Go to video > take snapshot option. It will capture your screenshot on your computer.

Advanced Control - VLC Media Player
Advanced option to take more accurate screenshot in VLC media player

If you want to take more accurate screenshot on VLC player, you can go to View > Advanced control option and check it. So at the bottom, you will see few advanced option to record, take snapshot there. Once you click on snapshot button from there, it will automatically capture the snapshot and save image file as png on your computer.

VLC Advance Control to take Screenshot
Take Screenshot of Movies Scenes on VLC Player

By default, all the snapshots you are taking on VLC media player are saved as PNG files in your My Pictures folder in Windows. You can change those setting in the Preferences.

Taking Snapshots on VLC Media Player
Taking Snapshots on VLC Media Player

You can also save the snapshots in jpg, png or tiff file format depending on your requirement. Also you can change the location of the snapshot file on your computer’s local drive.

If you are still facing any difficulties or having issue or any questions, you may feel free to ask us by commenting below. We would love to help your query.

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