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Read this post to learn more about scheduling WordPress posts, benefits of it and how to schedule WordPress posts.

How To Schedule Blog Post

What is Post Scheduling

You create a post on WordPress blog but don’t want to publish it now, but want it to be posted on specific date and time, WordPress allows you to schedule your blog post.

Why Schedule Posts in WordPress?

Why Schedule Posts in WordPressIf you observe your Google Analytics, you will notice that there is a certain time in a week during which your site gets a good amount of traffic. This happens when your blog is niche specific & you and your blog readers are living in different time zones.

Another advantage is that, if you are going on vacation, you will not find enough time to write a blog post. But if you have already written & scheduled it, your blog will do its job as suggested and you won’t have to worry about publishing a new article on that particular day.

Best time to post on WordPress

If you want to find out the best time to publish your blog post to get more traffic, you can check out your Google Analytics dashboard and on the home screen, scroll down to see when do your users visit? tab.

best time to post on WordPress

I hope you get an idea when you should publish a blog post to receive a good amount of traffic on your blog.

You will find some WordPress post scheduler plugins to do so, but you really don’t need them and I won’t recommend you as WordPress has default functionality to schedule a post.

How To Schedule a Post on WordPress

If you run a blog on WordPress, will find post scheduling option just above the publish button.

How Do You Schedule a Post in WordPress

If you run a blog on, you will find post scheduling option from posting panel as shown in the image above.

Your all WordPress scheduled posts will appear in Scheduled option of All post section on your blog.

WordPress scheduled posts

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