Boomerang for Gmail is available for both Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.Boomerang for Gmail extension has great feature that lets you to schedule your mail to send it later from your Gmail account, so that you can easily implement Send Later Feature in Gmail account itself.All you need to do is just having Boomerang for Gmail extension installed on your browser. So you will see Gmail Send Later Option by Boomerang in your Gmail account. It can be used for sending birthday wishes on your loved one’s birthday,wishing marriage anniversary or any other personal reminder.So it can be your personal email assistant.It helps you to make Gmail Schedule Email Delivery to Send Emails Later at your predefined time and date.


Schedule an email to send at a later date

After installing Boomerang for Gmail extension,You will see an extra option at side of send message button that says Send later option.Now everytime you compose new mail,you can customize the mail to send it later on specific date and time along with that country’s timezone.Timezone adds more specificity to your mail and deliver it at accurate time and date you are mentioning there.Boomerang for Gmail is also available for your mobile.

Boomerang Gmail Features:

  • Allow you to Send Mail Later at specified time by implementing Gmail Schedule Send option with browser extension.
  • Access Boomerang basic features on free version to Send Email at Later Time.
  • Never forget to wish your loved one on specific date.
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