To be productive, you will need to use some productivity tools like email schedulers, so that such a tool help you to maintain your work life balance & save your time. Nowadays I have been working a lot on my blog & adding a lot of information on it which I have learned during my blogging journey.

Schedule Email in GmailI have been receiving a lot of emails on regular basis, I reply almost all of them. Sometimes I need to take followup for specific emails, but due to a busy schedule, I can not take followup. Later I found an Email schedule that can work with Gmail to make things easier.

Previously I was using but it seems outdated version & they guys no longer updating it. Hence I found another Gmail send later, which actually is a Google Chrome extension that helps you to schedule an email in Gmail.

When you install it on your chrome, it will open your Gmail account and ask you to create your account with them. When you create an account with that, it will ask you permission to access your Gmail account, follow the onscreen procedure to create your account with Schedule Email chrome extension.

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How To Schedule An Email in Gmail 1

Once you have followed the onscreen procedure, you will start seeing a clock icon just beside the send button. Whenever you create a new email, reply to any email, you will see that clock icon which schedule emails in Gmail account.

Schedule Ema.. in GmailHow to schedule emails in Gmail

Whenever you send an email from now, you just need to press that clock icon to configure date and time when you want to send that email.

Suppose you are replying to specific email, the schedule only if nobody replies. That means that, if you are expecting an answer to the specified email, this scheduled email will be only sent if we don’t receive any reply from the recipient. If we receive a reply before the scheduled date, the scheduled email will be canceled.

Can I schedule an email in Gmail?

Yes, this is a very good chrome extension that I use for following up with my client & I will recommend you handle a lot of emails each day. You will see a boost in your productivity.

Share your views in the comments below, which tool do you use to schedule your email in Gmail? or do you use any other email client & system to send emails later?