Very often we experienced that, we have opened large number of tabs on our browser for the same topic for detailed knowledge.This is specially in case of webmasters who search for the topic to post on their website with detailed summery.We don’t want to bookmark the random page but avoid it to read it later.For this you can send the article to instapaper or send a mail to self containing URL of that page.

In my case I was using self mailing technique, but it was not always been good method for me,because I was getting of this technique.It was just like opening mail and clicking on draft folder, retrieving all saved or self mailed links and opening it again.Now I found a new technique which is helping me a lot to schedule any URL to open it later,so I need not to send those URL to instapaper or mailing to my self.

pagesnooze Google Chrome extension

All you need to do is just install Page Snooze chrome extension & you have done.Whenever you like any page and wish to read it later, right click your mouse button and choose Page Snooze option from there.Select how many days you wish to snooze the page and done.You can Snooze any webpage from 5 seconds to upto two weeks.You can view and manage your snoozed tabs from the Page Snooze options page.

Page Snooze Extension Features:

You can check out Page Snooze chrome extension @ Chrome Web store

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