Save as PDF

There are plenty of software and online PDF converters that lets you convert & save your files in PDF format. Sometimes we need to install extra add-ons and browser extension to save web pages as PDF on our computer.
But in Google Chrome there is a default facility that allows you to save and convert any webpage as PDF directly to your computer.

All you need to do is just right click your mouse button and click on the print button. It will open the other window. From there you can save your webpage as PDF directly into your computer. You can also save that webpage into OneNote 2007, Print with Google cloud print.

There is an interesting option provided there from where you can tell your printer how much and what number of pages you want to save as PDF. If you want to print all the pages as PDF, you can choose the radio button all. If you wish to save a custom number of pages as PDF, you can set the number in the box and appropriate pages will be saved as PDF in your computer.

Save Web Pages as PDFs in Google Chrome

You can set the layout option portrait or landscape layout. If you want to print web pages in colorful layout, you can set the option black and white or colorful. After clicking on the save button, it will ask you the location where you want to save your page. Just choose the location and clicking on the save button will save your page as PDF into your computer.


  • Colorful or black and white print can be printed as PDF.
  • Layout can be managed as landscape or portrait.
  • You can set custom pages to be saved as PDF.
  • A number of copies to be printed can be set manually.

Check out below video to know step by step guide to save any page as PDF on your desktop or laptop.

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