Are you having frequent internet disconnection problem? You love reading content online but due to frequent dissconnection, you are not able to read your favorite webpage online Here is the way, you can save your favorite webpage to your computer for offline reading. A simple method is copy-pasting,just copy the page and paste the webpage into either notepad or MS Word Pad. Here are few ways lets you to save entire webpages for offline reading.

Save Web Pages on Windows, Mac, and Linux Right From Your Browser:

Save Page  in Browsers

Most of the browsers has inbuilt feature to save entire webpage. All you need to do is right click your mouse button on the webpage you want to save. Click on Save Page As and it will ask you location where you want to save it. Choose your computer location to save and press enter, you have done. You will see one html file and one folder saved at your preferred location.

Saved Webpage on Computer

You can directly save by pressing Ctrl+S on while viewing webpage. It will prompt you to save the page. On Google Chrome you can save webpage as PDF just by pressing Ctrl+P.

Another way is using online websites to save webpages as PDF. After downloading PDF file, if you want to change it, you can use PDFEscape to edit PDF files online.

Of course, you can always use a service like Pocket, Instapaper, or Readability to save articles for readable, offline viewing. But if you’re just trying to save a specific web page in its entirety, these apps should help you make it through the down time without too much stress.

If you are using any other tips to save webpage to your computer, feel free to share it.

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