RTBot(Real Time Bot) is a Real-time information service, where you can enter a topic title and instantly get related digital contents from multiple sources (e.g. Wikipedia, Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Books, Newspapers, Magazines) all at once.

In Short, you can access the freshest information and multimedia content about almost any subject, person, place or event in one single place.Have a look at it, it would surely interest you. RTBot aims to be a global top reference site, enriching the way people research, explore, learn, discover and monitor their topics of interest.

You can search for any topic on the RTBot search engine that will give you latest information on your searched topic.It search and combine results from lots of video sites, articles sites from Wikipedia, public mentions from Twitter, documents from the web, blogs, URLs, and images to provide with you a complete research package for anything it is that you search for.

RTBot Features:

  • User friendly Search Engine.
  • No need to register,login,just browser URL and search your content.
  • Search your content from¬†Wikipedia, Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Books, Newspapers, Magazines at once.

You can Check out RTBot @ www.rtbot.net


  1. Hi Bhavesh,

    Good to see that day by day, different little search engines are coming up and for us one more traffic source..wow..:D. By the way, RTBot may prove to be a good traffic source in future for blogs and websites, ya but one thing is quiet sure that it never ever going to come near Google ;). Thanks for sharing aS interesting stuff. Good work. Keep it up.

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