blog-metricsThe Advanced Blog Metrics plugin for WordPress is a really easy-to-use and goes beyond the basic kind of plugin. This WordPress plugin is believed to be calculating the following things:

• Raw Author Contribution
• Average number of posts per month
• Average number of words per post
• Conversation Rate:
• Average number of comments per post without your own comments
• Average number of words used in comments to posts

Some of the features of Blog Metrics include:

1. With the use of these metrics, one can rate the performance of his/her writers as who is performing the best, who’s writing the most, who gets the most comments and which types of content are the most valuable. This information is surely helpful in determining the best course of action for your blog.
2. Combining this kind of analysis with analysis from instance Google Analytics will get you the best results.
3. If you use Google Analytics for WordPress plugin by Yoast on your blog it will make Google Analytics tracking on your blog as easy as it can be.
4. It provides insight about your posts and post comments via seven beautiful dashboard widgets.
5. This plugin can be helpful for any WordPress user on how to improve the performance of their blog content.
6. It even shows you how well your posts are doing on Facebook; you can see the post with the most Facebook ‘likes’ and most Facebook ‘shares.’
7. An installation which is followed by activation of Advanced Blog Metrics, you’ll see that there is an extra menu added on its own to your blog dashboard. There aren’t any sub-menus, and no setup is needed; it seems to be working right out of the box.
8. Widgets are important highlights of Blog Metrics. It adds seven insightful widgets to your dashboard. You are at freedom in determining which one of these widgets you want to hide or don’t want to use.
9. With Blog Metrics it is even possible to see the day of the week that generate the most comments on your posts so that you can see how many total comments you are receiving each and every day.

The “comments” widget is programmed to display the exact number:

• Approved comments
• Comments per day
• Comments per post
• Words per comment.

Advanced Blog Metrics may not be able to fetch advanced analytics or statistics about your blog, but it can very much provide helpful information regarding your posts and post comments. If you’re someone who is trying to figure out things like, which type of posts have the potential to go viral on your blog, this plugin really is your best chance at finding it out.