Have you recently factory reset your Android mobile phone & worrying about purchased apps you purchased from Android market(Google Play)? There is no need to worry about because you can re-download any purchased apps back into your mobile even if you have reset factory setting on it.The question is How?

Recently we had discussed about SPB Shell 3D android app which is awesome and I purchased it from android market.Now even If I am reset entire phone, the apps downloaded and purchased data will remain as it is on my Google account.

How to Redownload deleted apps from Google Play:

1.You can redownload deleted android purchased apps in 2 ways.You can use either your phone to retrieve it back or directly from your PC.Now I chose computer method to get it back because most of my time is spend on computer only.

2.Login to Google Play Account with Google account credentials.

3.Search for the apps with name which had already been purchased.You will get Search Result page where you will find the purchased app.

SPB shell 3d on Google Play

4.Clicking on the link to SPB Shell 3D will redirect the page from where the download is possible.

SPB Shell 3D - Android Apps on Google Play

5.You will see purchased button instead of price with buy option.

6.Clicking on the purchased button will load the box with download option.

Purchased SPB Shell 3D Download Back

7.Clicking on the install link will install the purchased app on our android mobile phone.So we don’t have to purchase already bought android apps after resetting phone.

The same procedure is application to redownload purchased apps from android devices also.Just search the app which you purchased from Google play from your device and download it for free.


  1. I am waiting for my new Galaxy S2 to come through. Lost mine a couple of weeks ago. I was a little worried about losing stuff. I think I linked it to my Google account, so guess it must be all there.

  2. My sd card malfunctioned and I lost all of my contact phone numbers and music from google. I am totally computer illerate, how do I retrieve the contacts and the previously purchased music to my galaxy note II

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