Very often we have seen whenever we want to login to any website, it shows security error and says you that the connection is untrusted. Sometimes we get an error saying,”Servers Security Certificate not valid.” Recently I tried to login to my Gmail account, and it was saying me the connection is untrusted in my Mozilla Firefox.

How to Fix Servers Security Certificate not valid

Check out below image of connection is auntrusted error.

Security Certificate is not valid
Security Certificate is not valid

I had avoided that problem by choosing add exception option and then selecting confirm security exception from there.But it was somewhat more annoying whenever I was trying to access my Gmail account.

It applied to all login page of Gmail, YouTube & Adsense, etc. I was continuously getting Server Certificate Not Valid on my browser. Each time I try to open any website, specifically Gmail or YouTube, I get Servers Security Certificate Not Valid error.

Servers Security Certificate not valid
Problem With Website Security Certificate

When I tried to log in with my Gmail account, it was giving same error and I couldn’t be able to login to my Gmail account.I thought my account got hacked and I was going to format my PC. I thought let ask Mr.Google; it would help me better for this problem.

I searched everywhere, and I found one possible solution for Server Certificate is not valid error.I discovered that date & time of my computer was incorrect.I updated my computer’s timezone and sync with internet time.It got updated, and from that day I have never got the error for my account login page.

Sync internet timezone on PC

All you need to do is just double click your mouse button on time at taskbar & the window will open like above image.You can set up date and time for your computer manually by clicking on date & time tab or update it with internet time by clicking on internet time tab > update now option.Click on Apply button & then restart your computer.You will never see the same error again on your computer.You need not install any browser certificate on your computer.

if you are getting youtube certificate error or any such, you can follow these steps to fix it.