Replace Your Android Homescreen With SPB Shell 3D

SPB Shell 3D - Apps on Android Market
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  1. News Online says:

    what about battery usage ? Such applications eat lots of battery power .. I have used GoLauncher on my android2.2 but due to battery probs i stopped using this app

  2. Samantha says:

    Home screen luncher from your android.It has lots of unique features that is not available on most of android theme and homescreen launcher.

  3. Lanaya says:

    I am planning to buy androids replacement for my c3.. Thanks for sharing this application.. I will be more familiar with Android..

  4. Anna08 says:

    I really love the application of Android.. 🙂 Thanks for the great review..

  5. Tushar Agarwal says:

    SPB Shell 3D is a great launcher for android but takes up too much ram. Lower end android devices lag a lot on it.

    1. I am agree with you Tushar, It will not useful for low end android devices, however for it is very good app for widget lovers!!