Do you ever needed to rename files in bulk? Well, renaming files in bulk are sometimes needed when we want to replace the name of file in bulk or sometimes we don’t want to expose that file name with other person.There are lots of ways to rename files in bulk but two easiast and popular way to renaming files in bulk that are explained here.

Renaming files from my computer is the easiast method & I am using to rename files is from windows file explorer.Everything you need to rename files is just select all files that you want to rename in bulk.Press F2 button from your keyboard or right click your mouse button > choose  rename option from there.Rename any one file and hit enter button.All the files will be renamed with the name you have entered.

Bulk renaming files

Now add any name to the file that you wish to have replaced in all files.In my case The original video name was New BAPS video 1,2,3 etc.I want to replace it with New Video,so I selected all the files,pressed F2 button from my computer and renamed file with New Video name.Pressed enter button and all my files has been renamed to New Video,New Video(1),New Video(2) etc.


You can change any files with any extension by using this method.There is another method that allow us to use Picasa Web album that also have similar process.Choosing files from Picture -> Batch Edit -> Rename option.Rename it in bulk.But you need to have Google Picasa album installed on your PC.

The main advantage of first method is that,you need not have any extra software installed in your computer.All you should have is just files, mouse and your computer.

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