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While there are a number of SEO experts who questioned the algorithm used by Google Panda to determine ranking in Google, it has turned out to be excellent to the search engine in respect to content quality.Google panda has almost removed few blogs from search results that has lower quality content and has no value for readers. Few blog’s traffic was completely went down due to that updates, who were receiving high amount of traffic.

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For a majority of web publishers, Google Panda has proved to be a pain the neck. Some of the sites and blogs that they worked hard on over the years instantly lost their rankings after the introduction of Google Panda. Therefore, if you have been a victim of Google Panda and are wondering what you can do to retain your lost glory, you will find this article quite an interesting read.You can check Google Algorithm Changes from Moz.

How Google Panda Affect Blog’s Traffic

While this algorithm may have come as bad news to some people, it was also good news for some publishers whose blog has high quality content but ranking and traffic down because of web spam.. The following are some of the ways through which Google Panda can increase or decrease traffic to your blog or site:

Site content: If the content in your blog or site is of high-quality, you are most likely to get more traffic. This is because Google Panda weeds out bogs and websites that:

  • Contain grammatical and spelling mistakes.
  • Contain plagiarized & thin contents.
  • Makes use of black hat SEO strategies.
  • Lack suitable SEO structure.
  • Contain too many adverts(High ads ratio vs content)

It is for this reason that you need to make sure that your site content has been carefully analyzed before being published.Main target sites for panda are specifically lower quality content blogs.

SEO: SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is technique used for optimizing websites search engine friendly. SEO skills go beyond than just the use of keywords. SEO looks at how well your URL structure, how images are optimized and videos optimization etc for blog or website. If you do SEO audit of your website using SEMrush tool, you will find several loophole in your blog’s seo structure. You can fix those loophole to recover your blog from penalties.

How to Recover Blog from Google Panda Updates

Google Search Engine Updates

If you have applied any steps to recover your blog from Google Panda Algorithm, you should check out the few of tips to recover from panda, if you have missed anything, you can do it from your end easily.

Publish High-Quality Contents

The first step is publishing high-quality contents on your blog or site.You can install Search Term Tagging 2 WordPress plugin on your site to analyse which content is not receiving any organic traffic. Although that plugin is no more supported by plugin author, but still effective for analytical purpose. Google has been taking the quality of site contents seriously over the last couple of years. The quality of site content is judged by length and structuring of the article.

Recommended content is to create evergreen content that always searched, not trend based content. How to articles, are the most searched content and you can create such content in your own words.This way you can replace all thin content from your blog and make post high quality. If possible, look at the old published post and the post which having no value and not searched, you can remove them from your blog or update it with useful updated content.

You can also find content that has high bounce rate from Google analytics, try to update those content with more information or remove the post from your blog and also remove it from Google.

Avoid Keyword Stuffing

If you are optimizing your blog with repeated keywords on the post, your content’s keyword density will be increased. It is possible that you can using your primary keyword for the post and synonyms of the same keyword repeatedly on your blog post, but it will be increse keyword density.

LSI keywords: Other than primary keywords, you need to include LSI words in your contents. The following are tips on proper use of LSI words:

  • The title should contain an LSI word.
  • The article should have at least there sub-headings with LSI words.
  • The LSI words should be used in the first sentence of the first paragraph, last sentence of the last paragraph and at least two times in the article body.

It is recommended that you always check out the Keyword density of your blog before you publish any blog post on your blog. You can use SEOPressor WordPress plugin to analyse SEO score of your blog post, that is really handy plugin. It will suggest you LSI word to use in the article from Bing keyword suggestion.

Identify Unnatural Links & Remove them

Using any seo analysis tools to check for potential unnatural link pattern is very good, however going with manual research is little time consuming but effective.Here are few steps to check for Unnatural links.

Download your backlink report from various sources. My top recommended sources are:

  1. Google Webmaster Tools
  2. Bing Webmaster Tools
  3. Majestic SEO
  4. Link Detox Tool
  5. Monitorbacklinks (Toxic Link suggestion)
  6. SEMrush Tool (For Downloading Complete Backlinks for any website)

If you are using Majestic SEO, You will be able to scrutinize backlinks from domains with low citation and trust flow.Turst flow is an important factor for ranking. Whilst in Link Detox, high, moderate and low risk back links are automatically flagged, so you can export them or disavow them from Google Webmaster tools.

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Removing Unnecessary Pages from Search Results

You should check for the tags page, generally it is recommended that your tags are set to noindex and nofollow.Because search engine consider it as thin and low quality content. Category and tag pages are used on blog just for navigatreion purpose. It should not be a part of serp.You can easily set noindex tag to category/tags/date archive from WordPress SEO by Yoast Setting > Title & Metas > Taxonomies.

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WordPress SEO by Yoast

You should also block unnecessary pages from your blog’s robots.txt file to stop crawling admin and private part of a website. Sometimes sitemap pages are also indexed on SERP, you should also consider removing sitemap pages from SERP.

Remove Duplicate Content

This is most important thing to consider when you are trying to Fix Google Panda effect.Make sure you are using URL canonicalization, I first of all ignored this thing for all my blogs, but when I implemented this, I found improvement in traffic on my blogs.Google takes duplicate content & plagiarism content very seriously, but you can use Robots.txt to stop indexing unnecessary pages from your website.If you find someone is copying your content, you can immediately report it to Google regarding copied content.

Internal & External Links

It is necessary that you are linking to high authority post, not to low quality pages. When you write any post, make sure you are giving reference source to content, because high quality articles needs expertise and linked to authoritative resource to be trustworthy in the content. If you are managing multi author blog, you should always monitor external links from your blog.

Social Media Activities

Social signals are important things in ranking, because as many times as your post shared, it gives social signals to your content.If your blog post or website do not have any social sharing buttons, you should implement social sharing button immediately. Google+ votes, Facebook likes, Tweets and Delicious helps your content and pages ranking on SERP.

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Use SEO Friendly WordPress Themes

If you are using WordPress blog, you should note that you should use themes from genuine source like Genesis Themes or Thesis themes. Because if you try to grab premium themes from FREE from unofficial source, actually you can get it for FREE for your blog, but it may have malicious codes in your theme or may not work properly. If you are using FREE themes, also consider page loading time that is effective.


Working on few blogs, seems positive results to get recovered from Google Panda effect.

  • Removing low quality (Thin content) replaced with High quality content
  • De-indexing useless pages from SERP
  • Avoiding Over SEO Optimization (Maintain Keyword Density)
  • Removing Duplicate content from Blog
  • Improving Site Loading Time
  • Fixing Borken Links(Broken Link Checker Plugin)
  • Increasing Social Media activities for updated content
  • URL Canonicalization

You can also contact us if you have find your blog’s traffic updated Panda Algo update, we will review your blog and consult it to recover your blog from such updates.


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