Dropbox is free online cloud storage provider, where you can host your personal files, images, documents to access it from all your devices. It gives you 2 GB online free storage account when you register & expand your storage upto 16 GB by referring your friends.You will get 500 MB per referral. Important thing about dropbox I like is, we can access our hosted files on dropbox account from almost all platforms like Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Android, Windows Phone 7, BlackBerry, iPhone, and iPad.If you are regularly store your files online on Dropbox account, sometimes you are trying to delete few unwanted files from your account. By-mistake if you delete your important files from your Dropbox account, here is the method to recover deleted files from your Dropbox account.

To get recover your deleted files from your dropbox account, login to dropbox account and then you will show recycle bin like small image besides search button. When you hover mouse over that icon, you will see show deleted files option.

Checking Deleted Files from Dropbox account

You can also get show deleted files option from another trick. You can right click your mouse button there. You will see options that will say upload, new folder,share a folder and show deleted files.

Show Deleted Files - Recover Deleted Files from Dropbox

You can use either way to show deleted files, that will show you the files that you have deleted from your Dropbox account.It will lists all folders and files from your dropbox account there. you will see deleted file/deleted folder name on the status there as shown image here.

Deleted Folders - Dropbox

Hover the mouse over those folders and right click on those deleted folder. You will see restore and permanently delete option for your files.

Restoring multiple deleted files at once on Dropbox:

If you have deleted mulitple files or folders and wants to restore them with one click, select the folders/files pressing shift key of your keyboard and then right click. You will see restore option, from there you can restore multiple files/folders deleted from your dropbox account.

If someone has shared any file/folders with you and you have deleted it bymistake, you can get it by rejoining dropbox folder from your dropbox account.

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