How much time do you spend on social media? Whether it is Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, YouTube or anything which consumes a lot of your productive time?

According to a report on, on an average person spent 53 minutes per day on Instagram, 49 minutes on Snapchat & 58 minutes on Facebook.

Now think of you, how much time do you spend on your social accounts?

There are so many benefits of quitting social media. If you are looking for how to use social media wisely, you are at the right place.

Reasons To Quit Social MediaReasons To Quit Social Media

Have you ever wanted to quit any social media? Let me give you some reasons to take a social media break & live a life without social networking usage for some days.

To Be Productive

I personally was spending a lot of my time on Facebook. Recently TikTok was using more than 2 hours of my daily time. I calculated 2 hours each day means 60 hours a month, means 730 hours a year. Which is approx 30 days in a year, means out of 12 months, I was spending 1 entire month on social media without any reason.

I found it when I started reading some books and articles to be more productive & deleted that app from my device.

Yeah!! I got 2 hours in my daily life which I can use to work more or spend that time with my family. Now I am taking care of each minute, hours that spent without any reason and trying to control it. You can use some productivity tools like schedule emails, Google calendar to be more productive during your working hours.

Take away: If you use to spend more hours on your social media websites, calculate those hours & convert into a day and you will notice how much productive time you waste each day.

Time is Life, Spend it Wisely!

Just kick out those timewasting apps from your life and be productive.

To Spend Time with Family

When you delete social media from your life, you will see, you have a lot of time that you can spend with your family members.

I use that time to read books & make money blogging. I am now a full-time blogger, so I need to be careful where I spend my time. As I am the boss of my own but I should always be careful in spending my time.

Take away: When you find a free time, just call your wife, mom, dad, child or someone from your family member & say them, you are missing him/her. You just got some free moments that you want to spend with him/her by talking on a phone call. You can also meet them personally and express your feelings.

To Make New Friends

When you spend time on social media, it cost a real-world friendship. Just think of that, you are making new friends on social media but personally, nobody knows you. When you are in a medical emergency, who will be there to help you?

Take away: Will your Facebook friend living far from you come to help or a person who is living nearby you will help? Make new friends that living around you and spend time with them instead of social media.

To Increase Salary

This is the most obvious reason to quit social media. If you are doing a job anywhere, you should stop wasting your official time as your company pays you for your time. I have personally seen with my office employees as well as peoples I met with.

Using smartphone or social media in the office is quite regular nowadays, but think of your job first. Be more productive to work more for your company. Do something more to make your boss feel happy & increment & promotion on your job.

Take away: If you don’t want to obey your boss, you can be your own boss too. Just start learning new skills, implement it and start making money.

To Side Hustle

I have seen many peoples doing more than 2 jobs at a time. They know the value of time and make money in their spare time. If you are addictive to social media, skip them and check out how to make money online, that will help you to make more money for your family.

Take away: If you are thinking to start your own business, I recommend you to start your own blog. If you want to learn to blog, you can check out this FREE course on blogging.

To Quit an Addiction

When you upload your photo or creativity or quote on social media, you will constantly check that who is liking & sharing it.

It’s like a sewer rat chasing more likes, you will get nothing when someone like your post. If you are a social media marketing manager, it’s your job to do that. But if you are using it personally, you should not be addicted to social media. Instead of wasting time on like & share, do some real jobs that pay you money for your work.

To Read Books

When you take a break from social media, try reading some good books you love. There is a saying that, “A Good Book Is a Good Friend” is true. You can learn more about some big players like Warren Buffet, Albert Einstein or other popular leaders today!

Reasons To Quit SocialMedia

Read their books and learn how they had invested their time to be like that. You can buy some Books Depository which delivers book worldwide for FREE.

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To Save Money

When you use social media, you will need a data pack on your smartphone. I have been using data pack on my smartphone even when I had a WiFi connection at my home & office, just to waste time on social media.

Later I stopped my internet connection at home as well as deactivated data pack on my smartphone. Now, I have an Internet connection only at my office. I use it to check emails and work-related things once in a day instead of being an online entire day.

I saved money this way, which I have invested in stock & mutual funds. There are so many ways to save more money that you can invest to grow your money for your bright future.

Here are the best reasons you should quit social media today. Have you quitted social media already? Share in the comments, how is your life without social networking nowadays?

What is stopping you to take a break from social media?