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Do you know what it takes to become a successful blogger?

I have seen some blogger starting their blog with a passion but give up after some time. Have you ever thought, what it takes to become successful in blogging field?

Why people leave their job & being a full-time blogger to earn a living from it? I have started my blog in 2011 & at that time I was studying & after that, I did a full-time job too. I left my full-time job to become a blogger in 2015 & now I am earning my living from it.

There are so many people trying to earn money blogging but only a few get succeeded in it.

Blogging needs a lot of research, spending a lot of time, hard work and patience. Can everyone blogging as their career & get succeeded in it?

If yes, why there are so many expired domains on the web? Why many people even don’t bother renewing their domain too? The answer to this question is that, lacking motivation & passion.

Qualities That Makes You a Successful BloggerQualities of a Successful Blogger

Here are my thoughts on what it needs to become a successful blogger and start living your life the way you want.

Good Writing Skill

Learn to sell or how to convince people. Just check out your older posts & read them your self. Is your post convincing you?

If your content convinced you, other people will be for sure. If you think the content is not much powerful enough to read or convince people, try to improve your writing skills. Writing is a very basic skill to become a blogger. Try creating story type of content that engage readers, instead of just writing in a robotic style.

It doesn’t mean that writing like an expert, but you can be an expert writer by reading other popular blogs in your niche. See how they write their content & take inspiration from it.


Not everybody is an expert, but a successful blogger should always learning behavior. Even newbies can teach you something that you don’t know. Do spend the time to read popular blogs you love, subscribe to them to learn from them. It will not only improve your knowledge but you will learn a lot of new things that you can follow & make your blog successful.

The reason you are reading this blog is that you have the willingness to learn more. I am not an expert, I am also learning and will keep learning. I share what I know but there are more than this available on other blogs too.

Even if you get succeeded in achieving your initial goal, don’t quit reading. Even successful peoples like Bill Gates, Warren buffet reads a lot of information regularly as they are still improving their knowledge & that’s why they are successful.

Make reading as your habit & always stay updated with the latest information.

Helping Peoples

Whenever someone leaves a comment on your blog, you should always reply to them and listen to them. Not only that, people will contact you on your social profile with the questions your blog is about. Try answering them & help them.

I still remember I got my first affiliate sales not by promoting but helping one of my friends. He has a blog on Blogspot & it was deleted by Google. (That’s the disadvantage of a FREE blog) I have helped him taking his post from web archive to set up on his own domain & blog. He has asked me, if I share my Bluehost affiliate link, he will signup for web hosting using that, this way I will earn something for my help & he would get what he wants. It’s a win-win situation for both of us.

Don’t just keep writing your blog post and live into it. Try helping peoples & they will be your loyal readers, subscribers & makes you money automatically.


This is the most important quality of a pro-bloggers. Things may change frequently and we should always keen to adopt the changes & move ahead. Just check out how many things have been changed during recent years in your industry, have you adapted the changes yet?

You will not find a data entry operator about the skill of computer operating he has learned 3 years ago, but for a blogger an article on getting traffic from Pinterest or Google that was shared in 2015 is useless. Some tips work but most of them get outdated. Since technology gets upgraded, a lot of algorithm gets updated and hence a blogger should have the ability to thrive under this kind of uncertainty.

As a blogger, you can not make money for the skills you have learned in 2011. You should try different ways to make money blogging & keep trying more source. Here is an example of Flipkart affiliate marketing that seems almost closed now.

Flipkart Affiliate Program

In India, Flipkart, Snapdeal & Amazon & many other websites have an affiliate program. I was promoting Flipkart products on some of my niche blogs. But they have closed their affiliate programs. Even if we send traffic to them & they get a sale, we don’t earn anything.

The same way can happen for Amazon affiliate marketing or for any other products, programs you work. You should always adapt the changes & try something new that you never tried to sustain in the blogging field. If you are new to affiliate marketing, you can learn beginner’s affiliate marketing guide from here.


Not everyone is a born intelligent, but learn & implement is the best thing to become more creative. If you have never tried creating a blog post, video or an ebook, how can you expect to be good at that?

For me, When I started a YouTube channel I didn’t know about lighting effects, cutting & trimming videos, adding texts on it and like this. But When I actually tried it, I came to know what I can do.

If you are a blogger, try creating attractive blog titles, if you are a Vlogger, try creating something more creative videos that you never created. Try to do something creative & extra that you never did your self. You will learn a lot of good things & skills too.


Whether you are a full-time blogger or part-time blogger, you should always have patience. Hard work always pays but you if you don’t make money blogging, try finding your weak points, improve it and start again. Nobody can start earning $1000 per month on their first month of blogging.

It takes time and eventually you can make more with different strategies & experimenting things your self. It took more than 1.5 years for me to earn my first $100, as I am slow learner & at that time pro bloggers were charging hundreds of bucks just to talk about blogging. It’s not necessary that you will also need this much time to make money. I will share everything on my blog to help you get started with your own blog including my own experience in the blogging industry.

Make sure you have joined FREE blogging course that shows you everything from starting your blog to making money online.

Time management

You don’t need any college degree to make money but time management is always play a vital role in your success. When you start blogging from home, you will see a lot of distraction that drives you away from your interest in blogging & learning more.

You have a lot of time to try & learn new things, whether you use that time to sharpen your skill or to move around a beautiful place, party or something else. Sometimes your Wife asks you for help in his kitchen task or your children ask you to help him with his homework. Sometimes you see guests are there at your home.

Always maintain work + life balance to enjoy all things together. If you don’t have much time to learn more, wake up early in the morning to read more. If you have a lot of tasks, you should use Google calendar or Asana like Apps that help you to remember your task & remind you when needed. There are so many apps that help you to remember your daily task & improve your productivity. Just search about that & you will get it.

Plan Ahead

A beautiful quote by Benjamin Franklin, “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail”. Successful bloggers always know where they are going & where they want to go.

They create a master plan & stick to it with a strategic vision to achieve it.

Learn from Mistakes

If you are a newbie blogger, you will surely make a lot of mistakes, mistakes are the part of learning. But if you keep repeating those mistake & don’t learn from them, failure is waiting for you!

As a newbie blogger, I was copy-pasting other’s content on my blog when I just started, later I came to know that there is copyright like issues may happen. Read more & more blogging tips to learn blogging faster.

To be successful, don’t only read success stories of popular bloggers. Find the mistakes that they have made in past, read a lot of content that shares how they became successful. Learn from their mistake to speed up your learning & become successful faster then they did.

AnalyticalIf You Fail to Plan, You Are Planning to Fail copy

If you are good at analyzing the situation, contents & things, you can learn faster. They always look to their subscribers, readers & audience to help them with their problems.

They study their statistic like where they get the most traffic, what are their audience, demographic, audience retention, bounce rate, and many more things, so they can improve their content to help more peoples. They analyze what kind of posts is the best suitable for their audience & serve them accordingly.

Their content is always according to their audience, timing, layout as well as images on their blog are posted to help their readers. There are a lot of plugins & tools available to track user behavior, heatmap & many more. You can use Google Analytic a FREE tool by Google to check everything you need.


Successful blogger doesn’t wait for the opportunities, they create it. They leverage what they have right now & how they can grow more. They have a vision for their blog or brands to make it popular.

If they find something valuable, they create opportunity from them. Spencer Haws from nichepursuits created a keyword research tool called Long Tail Pro.

He found that bloggers have difficulties in searching for low competitive keywords manually & they need something that helps them with their keyword research task. He created a long tail pro tool to make it easier for the bloggers.

If you are a blogger & want to find low competitive keywords easily, try Long Tail Pro FREE to see what he created & how you can take advantage of it. He saw an opportunity, created a tool & made money from it by helping bloggers.

So if you are a blogger, seeing an opportunity there, grab it or create it.

What trait do you think is most valuable?

What do you think the best quality that makes one successful? Is this from this list or something different than mentioned above? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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