We have recently reviewed about free WiFi hotspot software that was allow us to create WiFi hotspot connection on laptop. Virtual router is another wireless router software allow us to create free hotspot anywhere. Recently we have found new gadget that is USB drive sized mini portable wireless router, that you can also keep in your pocket. You can take it anywhere you want and create 3G hotspot wireless connection anywhere you want using that tiny gadget.

Portable Mini Wireless Router

You can connect it with your laptop, desktop computer using data cable. Its Mobile Power Bank that comes with built-in 1800mAh Li-polymer battery, supporting charge iPhone batter fully once. You can check it’s battery from battery indicator button.It would act as Mini AP, ADSL/DHCP access automatic recognition for you.

Interesting feature is it’s having built-in Ethernet port, that would easily convert cable broadband connection to WiFi hotspot. You can also setup small free WiFi hotspot area and allow people to surf the internet under the WiFi coverage area.

3G Hotspot Router Gadget

You can easily setup 3G Router, WiFi sharing, Compatible with HSPA + HSPA/EVDO/TD-SCDMA including more than 400 kinds of popular USB 3g modems all over the world, dial number automatically without any manual setting. Support iPhone 3/4 data package sharing, linked iPhone 3/4 with A1, then share iPhone’s data plan with your iPad, notebook. Easy sharing to avoid high battery-consumption of iPhone when being hotspot by itself.

This Portable Mini Wireless Router Support public WiFi hotspot access (WCDMA), (CDMA), (TD-SCDMA), Under the WiFi coverage area, the users can share the public WIFI signal with unlimited users and data download via A1. A1 could enlarge the WiFi signal to make the outdoor WiFi signal reach everywhere in your house, improving the internet speed.

Portable Mini Wireless Router Features :

  • Keep Wireless router in your pocket.You can use it as Pocket Wireless Router.
  • Quick setup Portable Routers for Laptops , mobiles, and other WiFi enabled gadgets.
  • Create free public WiFi hotspot anywhere.
  • It’s Best Wireless Router if you are looking for pocket size Travel Wireless Router.
  • It has built in Ethernet port, that would allow you to convert your cable broadband internet connection to Wireless router.
  • Wireless Security–64-bit/128-bit WEP, WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK

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