Nowadays we have heard lots of scams about ID theft attempts, malware threats and virus attack even we have installed best anti-virus program on PC.Even I used to Bitdefender-Best Internet Security Softwareformat my computer within 3-4 months, to prevent my PC from malware and computer virus attack.

BitDefender Antivirus Software provides effective & proactive protection against viruses,malware threats, spyware, online phishing scams, online banking and all identity theft, without affecting speed of your computer.The main feature of the software is excellent virus detection, 24/7 support, rock-solid security, easy to use and inexpensive.

Bitdefender Features:

Bitdefender SafePay provides you iron-clad security when shopping and banking online,so you need never worry about your banking credentials to be stolen & ID theft attempts.Device Anti-Theft feature allow you to remotely find, lock or wipe any internet connected device.USB Immunizer will protect your PC from flash drives against e-threats.

Additional features include:

  • anti-spyware which helps your computer protected from spyware.
  • Antispam prevents you getting spam mails.
  • ID theft protection prevents your secure credentials & provides you more privacy.
  • Firewall protection provides you online security & protection from malware containing websites.
  • Social network safeguards, warning of risky websites, USB Immunizer (flash drive virus removal tool), hourly security updates and lots more.
  • Recommended Antivirus program from Ehowportal.

Bitdefender Internet Security:

Bitdefender Internet Security 2013 provides you Proactive protection, Facebook and Twitter like social networking sites privacy guardian, ID Theft Protection, Risky websites detector, Monitor your kid’s online activity, Protects Internet connection by two-way firewall & its windows 8 compatible.

Interesting feature of Bitdefender Internet Security is enhanced Silent Security which not only provides you security but Bitdefender Autopilot quietly makes all the security-related decisions for you.So that you can enjoy your PC without interruptions or slowdowns.

Internet Security Software - Bitdefender Internet Security

Bitdefender anti-malware software:

Interesting features of Bitdefender anti-malware software is total security of your PC and Bitdefender Products has anti-phishing and auto scan lets your computer to stay completely far away from virus and phishing websites.It allow you to keep monitoring your lost or stolen mobile device by Device Antitheft feature. Bitdefender Safebox lets you to back up, sync and share your important docs, movies, e-books, and photos in the cloud.You can also be able to share your files with your friends, family members and colleagues.You can download apps for iPhone , iPad & PC & get direct access to your synchronized files easily.

With Bitdefender Safebox, you can :

  1. Backup and synchronize all your devices from one account.
  2. You can get easy access to your files from any Internet-connected device.
  3. With free plan, you can get 2 GB storage.
  4. Free Antivirus software available for trial.
You can synchronize multiple files & folders, large files, manage your files from anywhere with complete privacy.