Peoples are often getting lots of spam/Junk emails to their inbox because of knowingly or unknowingly registered at some usefulness website. But do you know that why you are getting such bunch of spam emails each and every day?

Why Spam Emails in my Inbox

Registration Spam

There are many websites which collects your email address, sell it to other email marketing agencies. They will shoot your inbox with bunch of spam emails and you can not stop them sending you emails. However, there are lots of tricks to prevent spam emails in your inbox.

Web Crawling

This is another type of technology that is used by spammers. Whenever you post your email address in text format. It will be visible to web-crawler and they can even copy your email address by using some web-crawler apps.

You might be complaining about some website, posting your email address here and there. This is the easiest way for them to find you and spam your inbox with their promotional emails. If you like to post your email address and only visible to the person who is interested in contacting you, you can create an image of your email address like below.

Why You Get Spam Emails & How to Prevent It 1

This is the easiest way to get rid of spam emails and only the interested peoples will be contacting you on your email address.

Spammers bots are searching for the mail address on websites where users are postings for the help.the bots find such mail address and collect it.After collecting it, the spammer uses this collected mail address to sending spam emails & this way you can be trapped by spammers.

The idea is to create an image email address which can’t readable by bots but for users.The bot can not read the mail address and you will not be entrapped by this spammer’s trick.There are several website allows you to generate email address image icon, you can use anyone of them.Here I had generated my email address image from

The main drawback for the website is that whenever you are going to create your email picture, they leave their website address as a watermark on each of the image generated by them.So this way they are promoting their selves.If you want your email address picture without watermark you can try

The website will not leave their logo as watermark and you can generate watermark free email address image for your use.The main feature of this E-Mail Icon Generator website is that it allows you to generate your E-Mail Icon for almost all mail service providers.If you are using any other website to generate email address image, please share the website with us by commenting in the comment section below.