I was previously using Awesome Screenshot on capturing a screenshot of websites.  If I had to capture a screenshot of any software or desktop, I was using prntscr button on the keyboard and edit it on MS paint. Recently while surfing & researching about screenshot tool, my search was ended to prntscr.com lightshot tool. You can easily Capture Screenshots using prntscr tool. A best online tool to take the snapshot of your desktop and modify captured images online and share it with your friends.

prntscr.com – Best Tool To Capture Screenshots

All you need to do is just download their lightweight software around 2.5 MB in size. Install it on your computer and whenever you think you want to take a screenshot of it, just click on Prtsc button from your computer. The main advantage of this software is that it works with any browsers, any software even you ca capture your desktop screenshot by using it.

Clicking on prtsc button, you will see your current screen will be darkened than actual. If you want to capture a screenshot of any area or any part of your desktop/site, just select the area you want. After selection, you will see some option at the bottom as well as at the sidebar of your selected area.


You can edit it online, you will see it will be uploaded to their server. Once uploaded, you can edit the captured image online as you are using photoshop or MS paint. If you do not want to download it, you can also direct upload it on their server and you will get a link to your image to share.

prntscr.com lightshot Features:

  • Fast & best way to take the screenshot of selected area.
  • Works with All windows app, software, websites & almost everywhere.
  • Upload and share your taken screenshot online.
  • Lightshot available for Windows/Mac, Chrome, Firefox, IE, and Opera.
  • Powerful online editor.
  • Easy to use and free to download.

I bet you will love this software if you try it once you will use it forever.You can give a try to prntscr.com @ http://app.prntscr.com