Lots of times we have seen that peoples are complaining that they are getting  junk email or unsolicited bulk email (UBE) to their inbox.Spam mails can be otherwise said as the unwanted mails forwarded to numerous peoples in bulks.Some of the junk mails contains with forced advertisements,so whenever user open the mails they will automatically visit the ads.

Prevent Spam Emails to Inbox

There are lots of peoples getting phishing emails with the name of famous banks like HDFC banks, ICICI bank or Paypal like online payment gateways which are not actually sent by them.Hackers and spammers are fetching your mail address from the websites and send you such phishing emails.

Hackers say them in the mail that we have recently viewed illegal activity from your account and if this is not done by you, please log in to your account and review it.So user is prone to log in to their account with their original username and password.This way they are phishing you and get your id and password registered with the bank.So they can hack your online banking account also by phishing emails.

Some of the peoples are getting emails with the name of Microsoft or Yahoo MSN lottery that they had won 1,25,000 GBP as lottery and claim your gift from the company by sending your details.The mail senders ask their personal details from the person.So never try to respond such mails, if you respond once them you will get lot more mails to your inbox.

How to reduce Phishing/Spam emails:

Spammers are use spam bots on lots of websites which are searching for the mail address posted on the website.Mostly they are searching for the @ word from any website so be sure that you are not posting your mail address on any website.Because this will increase the probability of spam mail attack on your mail box.

1.Make your mail address as a picture and post it whenever you wish to post your mail address on any websites.Making your mail address image is the safest way of protecting your mail address from spammers.By creating such email image, spam bots or spammers would not able to read or copy your mail address into their database. This way you can Prevent Spam Emails coming to your inbox.

Make your mail address as image

There are lots of website on the internet that provides you this facility to add your mail address on their website and they will generate an email address in image format for you.

2.As I have told earlier, spammer bots are searching for the mail address on websites so never post your mail address on any website.If it is necessary to post your mail address on the website, try to use [at] keyword instead @ symbol.As my image address, I had mentioned in the image above.

I can also write my mail address as bksondagar[at]gmail.com.This cannot be readable by spam bots, So there is less chance to get bulk emails to your inbox.

3.Try to use separate mail address for registering with some of free SMS sending websites, forums & Social networking sites rather than using personal mail address.

Because some of the websites like Facebook will mail you even someone has tagged you in their image and when it gets comments as well.So you will have lots of mail in your personal mail.You can decrease spam email chances with using two different email address.One for personal use like bank and important websites only and another one will be for all websites.

4.Try to use mail spam filtering email program, that will automatically filter spam emails from your account.You can use Mozilla Thunderbird that is free awesome email program from Mozilla.That has a specific feature that can tag spam emails automatically for you.

5.Suppose you are getting mail from some website from which you have subscribed & you wish to not get emails from the same website.You can try to unsubscribe that website by clicking on the unsubscribe link provided at the bottom.

Unsubscribe from unwanted email

6.After analyzing more than 500 million junk messages, it was concluded from BBC news that e-mail addresses starting with an  ‘A’, ‘M’, ‘S’, ‘R’ or ‘P’  got more than 40% spam. By contrast, those beginning with a “Q” or “Z” got about 20%.So according to alphabets number, the chance of getting spam will be less.So whenever you are going to register with new mail account, try to make the ‘x’, ‘y’, ‘z’ like latter at the first to get less spam instead of starting with ‘a’, ‘b’ , ‘c’ like starting characters.

7. Gmail has another good option to block spam emails. You can see report spam button when you open your inbox. Just click on that and that sender would be added to spammer list. You would not receive same mail again from that sender.Report Spam on gmail