Firefox is widely used browser among internet users and most of user are using Firefox to it’s potential by using top Firefox extension.Normally whenever we are clicking on any PDF congaing URL, Firefox going to hang and after finishing downloading that PDF file,it opens or sometime it does not responding if we have clicked on heavier size file.

Solution for Firefox PDF Hang problem

The main reason why Firefox hangs when opening pdf file is Firefox try to launch Adobe Reader application in browser,if it fails to load the application it would not responding & hang.To come over this difficulties,just install the PDF Download Firefox addons on your Firefox.After installing,whenever you are going to click on the PDF link,your browser will smartly ask you what you want to do with the PDF file.It also show you the actual file size,and give you option to download that file,Open PDF reader,View it online,View in browser etc.Depending on your need you can choose the option.The plugin also allows you to save any webpage as PDF.


  • Manage your PDF files in browser.
  • Prevent crashing of your browser.
  • Save any webpage as PDF file.
  • Convert PDF to HTML file automatically.
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You can get PDF download Addons for your Firefox @ Firefox addons directory