zRecently I have posted a post on replacing android homescreen with SPB Shell 3d.I had asked by one reader that “what about battery usage ? Such applications eat lots of battery power . I have used GoLauncher on my android2.2 but due to battery probs i stopped using this app”

Well, battery draining is the almost main problem occuring on almost all android phone.The main reason of draining battery is using GPRS data plan with android mobile.My personal experience with my Dell XCD35.I was using DOCOMO 48 RS/ Month 2 GB data plan with my cell phone.I had observed, after 100 % battery charged, when I start using internet through my SIM card data plan, I can use my mobile only for 5 hours. After 5 hours, my cellphone says me to connect charger with it because battery has been drained.I had also faced heating problem when I using internet, it gets heated.Sometimes I am using homemade cooling pad to prevent over heat my Dell XCD35.

What to Do for Battery drain on Android:

Wireless Network :

I switched using internet over WiFi instead using with SIM data plan.It improve my mobile battery life around 40%.My personal observation is that, if we are using internet with mobile SIM data plan it consumes more battery. If we are on 3G network, mobile acts as a modem.It sends and receives data within it so it getting heated & battery is draining very fastly.But if we are using internet over WiFi, it will not consumes more data from mobile.So I will recommend if you have WiFi router, use it to use internet on your android mobile and save your android battery.

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Disable Wireless network

If you are not using internet with WiFi, just turn your wireless network off. If you do not have any use of phone like in meeting or elsewhere, it is better to disable all wireless connection. It will prevent consumption of battery and thus battery will remain long lasting.If you haven’t used it yet, you can find it at  Settings –> Wireless & networks–> Airplane mode.


Cut The Battery Drain On Your Android Phone

Battery brightness is another reason for quick battery draining.So it is better to make it automatic. That setting will make your android screen light depending upon the external environmental brightness.It make android screen more brighter when you are in sunlight & make brightness less when you are at night or using it in darkness.Thus not every time we have to set the brightness of screen but phone will automatically decide which brightness will be right for the current environment.

Disable the GPS Location Features:

Prevent Android Battery Drain

GPS is running in background on our phone so we do not know but silently it consumes battery.Whenever you go out, it start locating your location and this way without knowing you, it consumes battery. Disabling those features on mobile, it will not consumes battery and this way you can conserve your battery more than before.If you are travelling for tour or elsewhere, I will recommend you to use offline GPS navigation on Android, that will help you to prevent quick android battery draining problem.

Disable Animated Wallpaper:

Disable Animated Wallpaper

Disabling animated wallpapers will make little improvement in battery life.When you are using your phone, animated wallpaper is running silently and thus it will obviously consumes your battery.

Use Task Killer:

Android Task Killer

Task killer will kill unnecessary tasks which are consuming battery.Choose the apps which you feels consuming battery and click on kill selected apps.This will kill the selected application from your android and make more available free space for your RAM.You can also use battery defender android app to prevent battery draining.

Have any of these tips helped your Android phone’s battery life? What other tips your are using rather than mentioned here.Share your view about it by commenting in the comment section below.

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