If you are using PayPal for your online transaction & to send and receive money,the tool might help you a lot.PPCalc is online PayPal fee calculator specially made to help PayPal-ers to calculate the PayPal fees you would incur on different transactions.

PayPal Fee Calculator

The website never let you to open calculator from your computer,all you need to do is just add the amount you are receiving or sending.It will automatically calculate the Fees that PayPal would charge you and how much money you will have in your pocket.There is also reverse PayPal fee calculator that calculate the

Ppcalc Features:

  • Automatically figures out how much you will receive money when someone sends you.
  • Calculate international money transfer & conversation rate automatically for your country.
  • No need to do a long calculation with Windows Calculator.
  • Supported currencies are USD, CAD, GBP, EUR, AUD (Australia), JPY (Japan).

You can check out PayPal Fee Calculator @ http://ppcalc.com [Update – This site is no longer available]