By now you probably know that Google clandestinely invested a lot of cash in the social gaming provider Zygna. According to a number of analysts, this is the only way through which Google can break into the Gaming market. Given that Google is eager to topple Facebook and Twitter as the preferred social networking sites, likelihoods are that the chrome extensions for gamers available for download will be mundane.

Google Chrome Extension Gallery

With this fact in mind, this article seeks to highlight a couple of thought-provoking games which you can easily play on your Chrome browser at any given moment. These games are accessible at the Official Chrome Extensions website. As you wait for the Chrome Web Store to be official launched in the next couple of months, you can still relish playing a number of interesting games on your Chrome Browser for free.

However, before delving deeper into this article, it is important to point out the games provided in this list can only be played directly from your Google Chrome browser. There are no extensions that will direct you to an online gaming store.

Download for google chrome- minigolf

miniputt Google chrome extension

If you are a golfing fun, then you will enjoy playing this game.Mini Putt is a Chrome extension that allows gamers to enjoy a game of golf directly from their web browsers. Whereas the game might seem as playing pinball given the pace at which you are able to score, you can try a couple of different shots from banked corners.

While there is no guarantee that Mini Putt will greatly enhance your putting when it comes to real golf, you will enjoy passing time playing this game when you have nothing to do at the office or at home.

The only drawback is that Mini Putt lacks capabilities to save your game. Once you have logged out, you will not be able to recover your game. What this means is that, you have to begin a new game every time you load the game on your web browser.

Download for google chrome -McDonald’s Manager Game

Perhaps the developers of this Chrome Extension for Gamers have little or no faith at all in the managers employed at McDonalds. Then again, this is what makes this particular game quite fun to play. The game allows you to assume various roles as a manager at McDonald.

As a manager, you will be able handle everything from marketing and fast food industry to farming operations. Moreover, you’ll get a feel of what it is like to operate a single fast food outlet.

Money is lost whenever you make purchases (i.e. expenditures) and revenues are collected whenever customers come to the store to purchase some of the delicious dishes sold by the store.

As is the case with Mini Putt, one of the major challenges that you will face while playing the game is saving the game. Then again, the whole idea behind extensions is to allow you to have some fun online when you have nothing serious to accomplish.

In this article, we have mentioned about the top five Google Chrome game extension that you can add to your Chrome Browser to play offline or online games. On the Chrome Store, you can find the lots of Games, Apps, and Extensions that you can use by installing on your Chrome browser.

To play online or offline Game on your Chrome browser, only you have to install any game, app or extension on your Chrome browser then you can play.Top Five best chrome game app

What is Google Chrome?

Google Chrome is the most popular and top rated PC-based web browser that comes with lots of features and functions. With the Chrome browser, you can surf things easily and faster than other web browsers.

Unlike the other web browsers, the Google Chrome offers Omnibox that provides suggestions for the web addresses and searches as you type. The Simple, fast and secure web browser also provides tons of themes, customized extension and much more, so that you can install different types of themes and extension to customize your Chrome browser.

What is Google Chrome Store?

The Google Chrome Store is the Google’s online based store that offers tons of App, Extension, and Games for Chrome browser. You can download apps, games, and other extensions from the Chrome web store to use them on your Chrome browser.

On the Chrome web store, you will find the both free and paid Apps, Games, and Extensions. That means you can download them on your Chrome browser as your needs.

In this article, we have listed top five best Google Chrome Extension App for the game. Here we have mentioned a top five best game app for your Chrome browser that you can install to play the game.

On Chrome store, there are several games available for free which you can play online and offline. Following are the top five Games for chrome.

#1 Link All (free)Through-18

The Link All is the simple and most popular Chrome browser games and the first on our list of Top Five Best Games for Chrome Browser. The Link All is an easy to learn puzzle game that you can download and install on your Chrome browser easily.

This is a completely free puzzle games that run offline on your Chrome browser so that you can play without the problem of buffing. In this game, only you have to link all nodes, but it is not too as easy as you would think. To complete the level, only you have to create a path that visits from all of the nodes.

If you see Red bars that mean, you are going the wrong way. On the other ways, the Red bars restrict your movement, and as a result you cannot go over them to complete the level. In this game, you will find a lot of interesting elements and levels. So check it out to experience it.

#2 Crackball (free)Best Google Chrome Games extension or app 1

The Crackball is the second game on our list of top five best games for Chrome browser that you can install on your Chrome browser without paying any bucks. On another word, you don’t have to pay anything to download and install this application on your Chrome browser.

The Crackball is a simple and interesting Arcade game for every age person. In this game, only you have to try to get five points before the second player. This is 2 Player games that you can run offline after downloading or installing on your computer. To play this game, only you have to use two keyboard keys.

You can use “W” key for up and “S” keyboard key for down. If you are playing in 2 player mode then, the second player can use “Arrow Up” and “Arrow Down” keyboard key to slide the board. This is a totally free of cost game that you can download and install on your Chrome browser easily.

#3 Crash King (free)Crash king

If you are huge fan of racing cars games then this Crash King Chrome browser game you may like. Because the Crash King is a simple Car Racing or Crash Game that you can download and install on your Chrome browser easily.

This is a free Arcade and Action category game which you can run offline on your Google Chrome. In this game, you have to keep safe your car from crashing from another car.

If you cross the line without crashing with the other car, then you will get the one point. And to get more point, you have to get very close to the rival car while changing the lane.

After reaching 5 points, your car speed will be accelerated. The Crash King is a simple logical game that comes with a high-quality graphics so that you never feel like that you are playing a low cheap quality game.

#4 Super Hangover (free)Super Hangover

The super hangover is retro style casual platform games, where you have to help him to get to his own wedding by crossing the entire barrier and other trouble situation. This super hangover is a completely free of cost game that offers ad-free playing experience.

The super hangover is an arcade & action category game, and it’s totally free to play so you can enjoy ads free game. This is an offline game app that you can install on your Chrome browser. As we mentioned above, this is an offline game, so it does not require any internet connection to play this game.

#5 Cut the Rope (free)cut the rope

Cut the Rope is the last game app on our list of top five best Chrome games that you can download and install on your Chrome browser to play this game. This Cut the Rope is a simple Puzzle & Brain category game and offers an outstanding graphics while playing this game.

To complete the game level, only you have to cut the rope and catch a star then feed the “Om Nom Candy” to the little monster. This “Cut the Rope” game gained several of awards such as Apple Design Award, BAFTA Award, Pocket Gamer Award, GDC Award, and Best App Ever Award.

Other Chrome Extensions that gamers will find interesting are King’s Quest, Tetris and Snake.If you are using other chrome extensions to play free online games, you can share it by commenting in the comment section below.

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