How To Play Dual Audio Movies On Any Android Device

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  1. The Dice player seems a Good player and due to it’s support to many kinds of video formats, I would like to give a try to it! I hope I won’t be disappointed from the ads in terms of watching the video!

    1. It wont interrupt you, As I am using it and think so!!

  2. Ishan Deep says:

    Hi, i have a galaxy note and by default supports all/most media files. I synced my phone with a dual audio movie but i cant see any option to change the language.
    Any idea/suggestions?

    1. When you are going to play dual audio movies on your device, you will see an option at the top right side bar resembles music icon.You will need to click on that icon and you will see the movies dubbed in different language.Choose your preferable language and you have done!!

      1. Ishan Deep says:

        hi Bhavesh,

        As i said, the default player in galaxy note supports all the media files , no other extra player is needed
        How to change language in dual audio movie in that ?

        1. If you can’t find option to change language from your default player, try this Dice player or MX player. They both have option to switch audio from one to another.

  3. Vicky B says:

    Hi All,

    Dont go for Dice Player for Android. I am using MX Player on my Micromax A90 & can play Dual Audio without any ads. The Movie runs fine with dual audio & subtitles.

  4. neeha says:

    thanku so much.

  5. akhil says:

    I installed dice player but m not getting any music sign option on right upper side…
    what to do to play dual audio then?

    1. Dear Akhil,
      If your movie is dubbed in dual audio, you will surely see that option. Try to copy any dual audio movie from your computer to your android device, you will surely see that option.

  6. akhil says:

    Hi Bhavesh..
    sorry but m really not getting any option. l converted a dual audio movie from mkv format to mp4 480p. but it’s not showing any option.
    there is only one option on right upper side by clicking it the movie starts to play with small screen on main screen of cell.

    I also installed mx player it gives the option but after clicking it it only shows one audio language opt(English) not other language..

  7. vedant says:

    I have downloaded it..
    installed .. and then when I open it, it reads video cant be played…
    and exits…
    even player is not opening up!!¡