If you love art images than you will definitely like a website that helps you to mask hot looking celebrity face with your face.Yes, I am talking about Photofunia. It is the highly recommended website for the people who likes to keep experimenting on their photos to make them very professional looking or funny image. The website helps you to add cool effects to your photos within a fraction of second and let you to download that photo directly in your computer as high resolution image.There is also similar website that allows you to generate rage face online.

How to Use Photofunia

PhotoFunia -Add cool effects to your photos

Photofunia allows you to choose image template from wide range of image categories like posters,advertisements,Art, Gallery, Celebrity,Magazine,face, professional and lots more.So you can create your image with lots of funny effects as well as turns your simple photo into hot looking celebrity also.

There are lots of website available on internet that allows you to generate fake magazine style photo with your image.In which your image will be placed on the cover of the magazine that you can customize & make your friend fool with that image.I had generated my image with Photofunia.Check out below image.


If you are Facebook addicts than you can try this free online utility to get more comments on your photos.All you need to do is just upload your smart and handsome photo on Photofunia website & then it will automatically detect your face with face recognization technology.It will add automatically your image in to the predefined template effect you chose for your photo. After Creating your image, you can directly save it in your hard drive or share it directly on Facebook like social networking websites.You can also send it as post card to someone by paying some bucks.

Photofunia Features:

You can check out PhotoFunia @ from here


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