Recently Facebook has launched timeline features.Lots of people who are experts in Photo editing tools & software has designed their own personalized Facebook Timeline cover with photo editing software & online tools.I found some of the website on internet which can helps you to create your own personalized Facebook Timeline cover with ease & without any photo editing skill requirement.Let’s see how peoples are customizing their personalized Facebook Timeline cover to get an idea about how can we create it.

Funny Facebook timeline cover

laundry Facebook timeline cover

Google plus Facebook timeline cover

Funny cover

Bhavesh Sondagar Facebook timeline cover

The last one is mine Facebook Timeline cover.I have collected those photos from different different websites as well as from Facebook profiles.You too can create your Facebook Timeline cover like those above.Here I am going to share some of the website that will helps you to make this possible.

With the newfacebookbanners website,you can create personalized Facebook Timeline cover in simulated environment.You can get lots of different different banners by which you can make your own time line cover.Choose one for your timeline & add it on your Facebook account.Once you have chose right cover for your Facebook timeline,download it and upload it on your Facebook account. website allows you to choose custome background for your timeline.You can manually put your logo with Facebook,Gmail twitter credentials on that cover along with your name and details on background you chose. needs you logged in and than than you can choose it from lots of categories.There are wide variety of category you can choose your Facebook timeline cover from them and choose on the image by clicking on the make my Facebook cover & them manually choose that cover from your Facebook timeline cover profile.

By using website, you can generate stylish and attractive Facebook timeline cover for your profile.You need to allow the application from your Facebook account to create the custom Facebook Timeline cover.[Update : This service is no longer available] needs Java to run on your browser.If you don’t have installed java in your computer it will prompt you to download & install java & than it offers you simple drag and drop features to create your personalized Facebook Timeline cover. is simple website similar to 3rd site I mentioned here.The website is also really interesting & helpful.